Customer Engagement Benchmarks, KPIs, and Metrics | 2022 (Southeast Asia)

  • icon Push Notification, Email, In-app Message, and Website Message benchmarks
  • icon Online Shopping, Banking and Fintech, and Digital Entertainment (OTT) sectors
  • icon Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam
  • icon Tips and strategies from the top consumer brands in Southeast Asia
For this report, we've analysed 6.6 million digital consumers in Southeast Asia and how they interact with consumer brands

Insights from the top consumer brands in Southeast Asia

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Push Notification Benchmarks, 2022

The latest benchmarks for Delivery Rate (DR), Click-through Rate (CTR), and Conversion Rate (CVR) for Push Notification campaigns in different industry verticals are:

Online Shopping (Retail, e-Commerce, D2C)

  1. DR: 62.38%
  2. CTR: 4.67%
  3. CVR: 22.27%

BFSI (Banking, Fintech, P2P lending, Insurance, Crypto)

  1. DR: 70.91%
  2. CTR: 8.71%
  3. CVR: 22.58%

Digital Entertainment (OTT Streaming, News, Gaming)

  1. DR: 60.14%
  2. CTR: 4.82%
  3. CVR: 23.21%

How To Increase Push Notification Performance in 2022

Push Notifications sent moments after the mobile app is exited have delivery rates as high as 82.59%. CTRs for behavioral-based Push Notifications reach up to 6.58% on Android phones, and campaign conversion increases to 27.13%. By adding a layer of user personalization (based on attributes like name or geography) on behavior-based Push Notifications, the delivery rate increases to 85.67%, and CTRs reach up to 7.03%.


To improve Push Notification performance, use the Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) segmentation model across the digital buyer journey, run gamification campaigns, and analyze your customer’s spending behavior.

Joshua Tan
Head of CRM, NTUC Enterprise

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Email Benchmarks, 2022

Industry Delivery Rate Open Rate Click-through Rate Conversion Rate Unsubscription Rate
Online Shopping 98.36% 11.69% 0.37% 4.17% 1.88%
Banking and Fintech 97.20% 40.45% 2.16% 11.60% 1.88%
Digital Entertainment (OTT) 97.75% 18.64% 0.54% 6.87% 13.87%

How To Improve Email Performance in 2022

We observed a drastic improvement in performance when email campaigns are created and sent based on user behavior. Open rates go up to 28.17%, CTRs increase to 0.71%, conversions shoot up to 8.97%, and unsubscription rates fell down to 0.06% – all of which indicate that emails sent based on user behavior are relevant and useful to digital consumers who prefer receiving more of such communication without treating it as spam.

How to improve email performance


We look into the content consumption behavior and truly understand what kind of content will resonate with our customers the most. The goal is to shift the fly-by into moderate and moderate to loyal customers.

Dian Gemiano
Chief Marketing Officer, Kompas Gramedia

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How has consumer behavior changed for

In Southeast Asia, DAUs of E-commerce, Retail, and D2C brands have increased by 13.36% from January to April 2021. There’s been an increase of 24.98% in website DAUs, a 19.59% increase in DAUs on iOS devices, and a 6.45% increase in DAUs on Android devices. When studying the number of MAUs of the same brands from January to April 2021, we observed that website MAUs had increased the most by 8.70%.


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A strategy that I’ve been implementing to increase product adoption is to build a core loyal following – the true believers of your product, who can spread the word not because they are being paid to do so, but because they find value in your offerings. Brands in the BFSI sector can build this base by inducing customer centricity in their ethos.

Sheila Paul
Chief Marketing Officer, Home Credit Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement, also known as User Engagement, is the art of interacting with users or customers by a consumer brand. Customer Engagement can happen through online (digital) or offline communication channels.

What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

The process of engaging customers or users by a consumer brand is called Customer Engagement Marketing. This process involves sending personalized communication that your customers find relevant and get excited about. Consumer brands use Customer Engagement Platforms like MoEngage to engage and interact with their users at scale. Customer Engagement Marketing includes the use of Email, Push Notifications, Web Push Messages, In-app Messages, Text Messages (SMS), and Social Media Advertisements.

Why is Customer Engagement important?

Customer Engagement is important to increase User Retention and build a loyal customer base. Engaged customers are 5X more likely to make repeat purchases, 4X more likely to refer other users, and 7X more likely to try a new offering or product by your brand.

How do you measure Customer Engagement?

Brands can measure Customer Engagement by tracking the number of DAU (Daily Active Users) and MAU (Monthly Active Users). A few other ways to measure Customer Engagement include the number of app downloads or website visits, the number of returning users, the frequency of use of your mobile app or website, and time spent (session duration) on your app or website.

What are Customer Engagement metrics?

The key North Star metrics for Customer Engagement are Open Rates, Click-through Rates (CTR), Click-though-to-open Rates (CTOR), Conversion Rates, and Delivery Rates (DR) of Emails, Push Notifications, SMS, In-app Messages and Website Banners and Pop-ups.

How to increase Customer Engagement?

Consumer brands can increase Customer Engagement by adopting an Insight-led Engagement approach. This means observing and analysing user behavior, understanding user preferences and affinity, sending relevant and hyper-personalized messages, building an omnichannel engagement strategy, and getting users back to your app or website to increase n-day User Retention.

What data does this report contain?

MoEngage’s Customer Engagement Benchmarks Report has the latest data of digital consumption in Southeast Asia (DAU and MAU), and the performance benchmarks of different digital marketing channels. The report also contains strategies to improve Customer Engagement and tips from the top industry leaders in Southeast Asia.

What are the latest Email benchmarks in 2021?

1. Online Shopping – Delivery Rate: 98.36%, Open Rate: 11.69%, CTR: 0.37%, Conversion Rate: 4.17%, Unsubscription Rate: 1.88%
2. Banking & Fintech – Delivery Rate: 97.20%, Open Rate: 40.45%, CTR: 2.16%, Conversion Rate: 11.60%, Unsubscription Rate: 1.88%
3. Digital Entertainment (OTT) – Delivery Rate: 97.75%, Open Rate: 18.64%, CTR: 0.54%, Conversion Rate: 6.87%, Unsubscription Rate: 13.87%

What are the latest Push Notification benchmarks in 2021?

1. Online Shopping – DR: 62.38%, CTR: 4.67%, CVR: 22.27%
2. Banking & Fintech – DR: 70.91%, CTR: 8.71%, CVR: 22.58%
3. OTT Streaming – DR: 60.14%, CTR: 4.82%, CVR: 23.21%