Personalisation Pulse Check Report: Europe Edition

  • Changes in shopping behaviour post-pandemic
  • Reasons personalisation efforts often fail
  • How consumers expect you to personalise
  • Adoption of new digital channels

Get access to trends, personalisation strategies and real-world use cases

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Meaningful Personalisation comes from Understanding the Consumer

  • What Delights your Consumer

    Apart from the quality and price of the product, consumers value the experience they get when engaging with a brand.

  • What Frustrates your Consumer

    Brands sending irrelevant messages or product recommendations is the biggest frustration for European consumers.

  • Prefered Message Type

    When it came to the type of messages European consumers want to receive, promotional offers and coupons came out on top.

How to Level-Up Personalisation in 2022

To finesse your personalisation strategy, here are three emerging trends you should consider:

  • Personalisation propels outperformance

    53% of the surveyed European consumers said brands not personalising or sharing irrelevant product recommendations frustrates them.
  • Changes in consumer behaviour

    How many customers will continue to shop online, how many will switch to offline and how many will adopt hybrid shopping?
  • Delivering personalised experiences

    Is personalisation based on purchase history most effective, or is interest-based personalisation the way to go! What channels are your consumers present on?

Personalisation has a direct impact on purchase behaviour. Understanding consumer purchase paths and newly formed "habits" are critical to meaningfully personalising customer experiences. Get detailed insights into your customer.