Push Notification Delivery Benchmarks Report

  • 1.17 million Push Notification campaigns analyzed.
  • Benchmark data for Push Notification delivery rates, CTR, and CVR.
  • 2 geographies and 6 industries covered.
  • 5 OEMs observed: Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivio and Realme.
  • Dedicated editions for India and Southeast Asia.
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About the Push Notification Benchmarks Report 2023

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Industries Covered

We've benchmarked metrics for 6 primary verticals:


Apparel; Fashion; Jewellery & Home Grocery & Food Delivery E-Commerce


Fintech Banking Crypto

Travel & Hospitality

Auto & Vehicles Hotels & Travel (Air; Rail; Sea) Logistics & Transportation (Cabs & Goods)

Media & Entertainment

Lifestyle; Productivity & Utility Dating Gaming

Healthtech, Telecom & Edtech

Healthtech Telecom Ed-tech

Real Estate & Classifieds

Real Estate Classifieds ( Resellers; Marketing & Advertising )

Push Notification Delivery Rates, CTR and CVR Statistics Analyzed From 1.17 Million Push Notification Campaigns



What is this report about?

Today, Push Notifications are one the many ways to reach a customer. Brands are increasingly using Push Notifications to reach, engage, and delight customers, increasing their brand loyalty and repeat purchases. But, 40% to 70% of Push Notifications go undelivered on Android mobile phone due to various reasons. Consumers are increasingly being bombarded and spammed. And every undelivered notification is missed opportunity! But the Push Amplification™ technology solves this problem by delivering undelivered notifications to the customers’ devices, improving CTRs and CVR.

This report analyzes over 1.17 million Push Notification campaigns to show the Push Notification deliverability across industries. Through this report, we show what is your Push Notification delivery benchmark and stack it up against the uplift in Push Notification customer reachability Push Amplification™ delivers.

Which country is this report relevant for?

The Push Notification Delivery Benchmarks Report covers 2 major regions: India and Southeast Asia. The benchmarks for each region have further been segregated by industry, covering six primary verticals by observing 5 OEMs across industries like Shopping, BFSI, Travel & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Healthtech, Edtech, Telecom, and Real Estate & Classifieds.

Which Push Notification marketing campaign metrics do you cover in this report?

This report covers the critical metrics for Push Notification marketing campaigns: Push Notification delivery rate, click-to-open rate, and conversion rates.

How do I read this report?

This report takes data from 1.17 Million Push Notification Campaigns.

We’ve benchmarked the statistics by observing five OEMs here: Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme.

You can either read through this report sequentially or jump to the industry of your choice from the table of contents.

If you’ve jumped to the industry of your choice, you can check metrics for your region. For this report, we’ve classified global regions into 2 groups: India and Southeast Asia.

Why are such reports important?

Through reports such as the MoEngage Push Notification Delivery benchmarks report, you can compare statistics such as Push Notification delivery rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates with businesses in the same industry as yours.

What is the best Push Notification campaign platform in 2023?

Each business is different with different needs, and each customer might require a different kind of communication molded to their requirements. But it’s important to ensure that your Push Notifications are successfully delivered to your customers’ devices. The ideal platform must enable marketers to reach their customers on their devices at the right place and the right time.

The ideal platform is also more than just a Push Notification campaign platform—it enables marketers to create omnichannel campaigns that engages with customers at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

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