The State of Insights-led Engagement Report 2022 | Middle East Edition

  • Uncover the customer, journey, and campaign insights captured
  • Insights on the current customer engagement tech stack and the associated challenges
  • Check out how marketers in the Middle East utilize customer and campaign insights
  • Benchmarks from across Banking & Finance, Media and Entertainment, Consumer Shopping, and Ed-tech
  • Actionable strategies to transition from a campaign-centric approach to an insights-led approach
Get access to survey findings that will help you understand customer engagement strategy for the Middle East

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We surveyed 2000+ marketers to gauge their readiness to adapt to the Insights-led future of customer engagement.

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Get access to survey findings from 2000+ Marketing & Product Managers, Directors, & C-level Executives

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Over 38% of marketers identify “real-time analytics” as their primary challenge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this report for and why should you read it?

If your job roles fall in any of the following buckets: CXO, VP, Analysts, and Managers from Marketing, Product, CRM, and Growth teams; and you are responsible for driving engagement and retention for your customers, this report is for you! The report will help you understand the importance of insights in your engagement strategy and whether the current engagement tech stack which is being used by the Middle East marketers are sufficiently enabling this.

What is the need for gathering customer, journey, and campaign insights?

With data aplenty, capturing the customer’s attention at the right moment has become the key differentiator. To gain this competitive advantage, brands need to focus on insights derived from these measurable elements.

Are CRMs & CDPs enough? Or do marketers need to look for a more holistic tool for their customer engagement requirements?

While CRMs and CDPs seem to be the favored customer engagement platforms, we still see significant dissonance in terms of the challenges faced by the marketers and the services provided by their chosen tech stacks. Therefore, this signifies the inadequacy of these tools. To keep up and bridge such gaps, marketers need to switch to a more holistic and multichannel alternative – much like a CEP. Customer Engagement Platforms or CEPs step in here and help marketers make sense of the customer insights provided by CDPs. They use this actionable data to create personalized journeys for your customers by providing intelligent analytics and powerful segmentation capabilities.