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AB Tasty

AB Tasty is the platform for customer experience optimization, with features like experimentation, personalization, and product optimization to streamline your users along the buyer journey.

What do they do?

Whether your KPI is a fast conversion, a subscription, or frequency of use, our platform is built to optimize every digital touchpoint from paid landing page to mobile checkout. Our backend does the heavy lifting, with components like advanced data collection, industry-leading statistical models, and machine learning.

How do they make us better?

Marketers are able to analyze all customer data in MoEngage, including AB Tasty experiments that various users have been exposed to. Also, Marketers can send cohorts created in MoEngage to AB Tasty and use these cohorts to create A/B Tests in AB Tasty. Seamless movement of data and cohorts between MoEngage and AB Tasty helps marketers design better experiments and improve user experience.

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