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Human37 is a Customer Data Strategy Agency located in Brussels, Belgium. We help our clients be data-driven and customer-centric. Our purpose is to shape a world that provides better customer experiences for individuals, starting with the customers of our clients.

What do they do?

As an agency, we help our clients define, design, implement and activate their customer data strategy. How? By operating on two main poles:

(1) The definition and the implementation of the Data Infrastructure and MarTech Stack that fits their business needs and challenges.

(2) The MarTech Stack’s operation to ensure data is activated and create enhanced customer experience and business growth

Service Provided

  • Customer data strategy
  • MarTech Stack Implementation
  • Customer 360° view creation
  • Data as a Service (DAAS) / Insights as a Service
  • Cloud for Marketing
  • Data Governance, Security & Privacy Compliance
  • Data architecture
  • CRO & Data-driven product optimization
  • Data-driven personalisation
  • Data-driven customer segmentation
  • Predictive Analytics/Modelling, and Attribution Modelling, A/B Testing

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