The Impact of COVID-19 on businesses has not been a secret. However, what the impact has been, is still being understood and brainstormed on and about. MoEngage, in partnership with Phibious, tries to get an insight from Asus Vietnam. 

How Is The Mobile, Computer & Electronics Industry Impacted?

June shares that their industry scenario is very different from the verticals of travel, hospitality, transport, and leisure. While the aforementioned has been negatively impacted, the technology industry can still manage to find a silver lining. The struggle has been there. Times have been difficult for all. But, with everything and everyone communicating online rather than offline, with work and learning both being shifted to online mode, there has been a significant increase in the demand for laptops. Usually, the first quarter is a low season for the Industry but in 2020, the change has been increased by 130%, and it is likely to go up. 
However, the struggle is that since supporting industries of Factories and Transport have been impacted, the companies in this vertical are facing a problem of production and export. 

How Are Asus & Other Brands Doing?

Although the demand is increasing, all shops nationwide have been closed down. Therefore, for the customer, the journey starts online and ends online. They study the product by themselves, check recommendations, and make buying decisions over the internet. This is being considered a turning point toward a transformation to fully digital. 
For Asus, online has been a priority; the company is pushing toward making the user experience only online oriented.  From selling channels to the marketing approach. For example, Asus’s practice is making sure that the retailer shares product information on their website. Therefore, product videos, photos, and reviews are uploaded on all channels to easily find information. 

In terms of marketing, Asus leans to online traction rather than the traditional approach of product line in the room, like in an event place or Hotel. Asus’ advertising benefits from advertising through Facebook, Youtube, and Google. Another example would be a complete launch of a landing page on the website for the promotion of work from home, and solutions for work optimization, including technologies and recommendations. Whether it is the type of screen or Wi-Fi router better suited for the customer or a tutorial for the customer to navigate the technology or software, Asus has been providing it all. Moreover, June talks about an important aspect of customer service; she shares that Asus launched the MyAsusApp in April, an exclusive app for software, for the Asus users to enjoy many benefits, including one-on-one support and optimization through personal client recommendations. 

In the pandemic, some minor issues of the laptop are resolved by the customer themselves with the support on the App. In cases where the problem is much more advanced, Asus started to provide a very smart service of home pick-up, service, and drop-off. This ensures smoothness and also helps the customer to stay safe at home. 

Cost or No Cost?

June shares that as the Pandemic hit, the leaders encouraged long-term investments. However, every investment needs to be considered carefully. Thus, the activities were reviewed and decided which ones are the ones that help and produce results at the same time, with a budget. Therefore, Asus doesn’t believe in cost-cutting but having a vision of long-term goals.  

Adapting One’s Marketing Communications

The marketing communications depend on the target audience. Asus’ clientele is diversified from premium to mainstream, and the young generations, the gamers; thus, it becomes important to know how to engage with them, and it is different for everyone. For example, the Facebook page’s banner was changed to something catchy to the gamer with the phrase: “Work from home, play from home,” and even organized a campaign to introduce fans to technology features by inviting them to play online while wearing their masks, to ensure awareness at the same time. 

What Are Some New User Trends?

The Republic of Gamers in Vietnam is a community of 2,00,000. It has become an ecosystem where people share experiences, delights and even help each other.  This community is only increasing. So a noted trend is that this clientele entails higher engagement than any other of Asus’ targeted marketing. Moreover, the conversion rate too for the gaming community is much higher. 

Vision For The Future 

June thinks that the effect of the Pandemic is going to linger for longer than the lifting off of the restrictions. Asus’ vision, for now, is that everyone linked to it, their employees, stakeholders,  partners, and customers are first healthy. Thus, even now, the only thing constant in their vision would be to review and work through goals. Though, June shares that Asus’ goal for 2020 and beyond is to widen out to commercial. 

My Asus 

An important project that is applied Globally is MyAsus. Using this forum, Asus is able to deliver all kinds of news about new technology to the users directly. The app gives you insights into the latest customization that is personalized for the user. It’s a one-stop shop! 


With the world coming online due to physical-distancing norms and work-from-home taking priority, brands like Asus have adapted and even thrived with an increase in demand. However, living in an interconnected world has impacted the vertical too. Asus, however, is leading by example with its humanistic approach that puts people at the centre and does not lose sight of a compassionate spirit in the long run.

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