In this video, Jennifer Larasati Putri from the Campaign Operations team and Dhani Saballini, the Consumer Touchpoint Product Owner at XL Axiata explain how they solve segmentation and automation challenges with MoEngage.

About XL Axiata

With a customer base of over 54.9 million subscribers, XL Axiata is one of Indonesia’s largest telecom operators offering a wide array of innovative telecommunications products and services to its customer base.

How MoEngage Helps in Driving Customer Engagement

It was no easy feat for the XL Axiata team to analyze the behavior of millions of customers and engage with them.

By partnering with MoEngage, they are able to create segments based on their in-app behavior and automate journeys to keep them engaged.

Solutions Provided by MoEngage

The XL Axiata team relies on flows to create and automate journeys for every stage in the customer lifecycle. By using A/B testing, they are able to experiment with their messaging and timing to maximize customer engagement.

Benefits Achieved

Through their partnership with MoEngage, XL Axiata is able to effortlessly segment millions of customers based on their behavior. This makes it a lot easier for the team to add customers into the relevant flow and automate engagement

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