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Are you a passionate marketer who specializes in areas such as app marketing, mobile marketing, cross-channel marketing, email marketing, growth marketing, customer engagement, and more? Do you have what it takes to create eloquent, data-driven, thought leadership content that is engaging and informative?

We welcome guest contributions from marketers who would like to share their thoughts, views, and experiences about the various aspects of customer engagement, marketing, and growth.

Why become a contributor at MoEngage?

For the outreach!
Did you know that over 100,000 readers visit MoEngage every month? We also have over 20,000 email subscribers, 10,000+ followers across our social profiles, and thousands of users who actively engage with us daily.

As a guest contributor, your ideas will reach and inspire this ever-growing follower base which includes marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders from all around the world.

You’ll also be able to:

  • Establish thought leadership
  • Get increased visibility of your post through our community of users

Who can become a contributor?

Marketers, marketing bloggers, marketing influencers, CMOs, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, etc.

What kind of content do we accept?

We have several kinds of content on our blog including:

  1. Thought leadership articles: Data-backed insights and opinion into one of the topics mentioned below. These blog articles can also include predictions and trends that you foresee.
  2. How-to articles: Actionable tips, easy-to-implement ideas, and advice that our readers can take back to their work and experiment with. To make such blogs more useful remember to include tools used, and results to expect.
  3. Case studies: In-depth success stories of individuals or businesses who have achieved their goals in any of the topics mentioned below.
  4. Infographics: Interesting statistics, reports, or data surrounding any of the topics mentioned below.

What kind of topics do we cover?

MoEngage is a marketing automation platform that is used by marketers in 35+ countries including Fortune 500 brands across U.S., Europe and Asia like Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, Hearst, Vodafone, Travelodge, and Aditya Birla Group to drive conversions and user retention. Our blogs help these marketers stay current on the latest trends and best practices in an evolving marketing landscape. Some of the topics that we cover on our blogs include:

  1. Multi-channel marketing / omni-channel marketing
  2. Push notifications
  3. App marketing
  4. Mobile marketing automation
  5. Email marketing
  6. Customer retention and customer engagement
  7. Personalized marketing automation
  8. Customer journeys
  9. Growth marketing
  10. Customer lifecycle engagement

Have something else in mind? No problem! Share your idea with us to writeforus@moengage.com and we’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for the MoEngage Blog.

Writing style and guidelines

  • Follow AP style guidelines.
  • Keep the blog between 1000 - 1500 words.
  • Do not use statements that could be controversial, is meant to mislead or be misconstrued by users.
  • Include a title, sub-heads, bullets, and numbers to ensure that the content is scannable. We encourage you to use shorter sentences, bulleted lists, powerful, and thematic subheadings for greater impact.
  • Cite your sources correctly to ensure that due credit is given. Include references only if the copyright license allows it to be reproduced (shared/republished) on another platform.
  • Please submit original content that has not been previously published online or in print. Any violation of copyrights will not be accepted.
  • By submitting the article, you give MoEngage the rights to edit.

Can I use images in the content?

Use images, tweets, charts, statistical data for which you are the owner or have permission to use them in the blog.

What types of content formats do we accept?

  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Posters
  • Comics
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Presentation

Do I need to provide references for third-party data or quotes?

Cite your sources correctly to ensure that due credit is given. Use information from sources where copyright license allows you to reproduce(shared/republished) the data or quote on another platform.

What elements can I add to supplement my post?

Include images, examples, and screenshots to keep your readers engaged and to demonstrate your point. While sharing content that has already been published elsewhere, remember to include an active link to the relevant source.

Here are some excellent examples of the types of content we accept -

What we will not accept

We will not accept any posts or pitches that are overly promotional, critical to individuals or organizations, not actionable, inaccurate, posted elsewhere, or if something similar has been covered on our blog before.

Our editorial review process

All our content undergoes a stringent review by our editorial team. Your content will be published once our team has reviewed the submission for quality, accuracy, relevance for our readers. We aim to reply within 10 days and share an update with you. If we choose not to publish your article, you can publish it elsewhere.

Get started!

Here’s what you need to become a MoEngage contributor:

  1. Read through our content guidelines.
  2. Fill the form to tell us more about yourself, upload your bio, headshot photo and share your topic or the pitch of your article.

Have more questions? Get in touch with us at writeforus@moengage.com and we'll be happy to address your queries.