[New Feature] Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel

  • UPDATED: 14 July 2023
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To optimize response rates, marketers spend weeks segmenting customers and crafting relevant messages. However, customers can respond to the communication only when they see it.

Customers have varied habits and daily routines, which influence the ways they interact with your brand. Some may actively engage with your business during the early mornings, while some later in the evening. Differences in time zones may also alter preferences. In addition to timing, customers may prefer engaging on one channel over the others. Some may engage more on email, while some might prefer SMS or push notifications.

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To drive customer engagement to the next level, factoring in the most opportune time and the right channel becomes crucial.

Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel | MoEngage

Reach out at the right moment with Best Time to Send(BTS)

Our advanced AI engine, Sherpa, studies the past behavior of each of your millions of customers – and figures out if there’s a particular time at which they consistently interact with your emails, SMS, or push notifications. Sherpa then tags every customer profile with a “Best Time to Send” attribute, which you can use in your campaign orchestration. Each customer may have a different “Best Time to Send” for email, SMS, and push, depending on their interactions on each of these channels.

Enabling BTS in campaigns

Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel | MoEngage

The “Best Time to Send” feature takes the guesswork away from your marketing team. It learns from your customer’s activity over time to identify statistically optimized “Perfect Timing”. The AI engine, Sherpa, also adapts to changing customer behavior and continuously updates the “Best Time to Send.”

Engage customers on their Most Preferred Channel

Marketers use multiple channels to communicate the same message to their customers. This does not necessarily translate into better engagements as customers may have channel preferences too. Supercharge your campaigns by reaching out to each of your customers through their preferred channels instead of bombarding them across all channels.  Sherpa, our AI engine, looks at the different channels that each customer has engaged with in the past and tags this information as an attribute against the customer profile.

Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel | MoEngage

Let’s look at the illustration to understand how “Best Time to Send” and “Most Preferred Channel” features work.

Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel | MoEngage

  • Max gets the email(most preferred channel) delivered at 6 AM since her best time coincides with the campaign time
  • Sheila is sent a push notification(most preferred channel) at 10 AM as its closest to her best time
  • Rita’s SMS(most preferred channel) is delivered at 6 AM as 10 PM BST is closest to 6 AM

Summing up

With Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel features, you can:

  • Engage varied audiences across time zones effectively- An OTT platform or a travel portal can reach out to their customers across the globe at their best times as per their time zone. Doing this manually would otherwise have been an intimidating task.
  • Be less intrusive and trigger higher engagement – An e-commerce or food delivery app would see higher responses when they connect with their customers and interact the most with their businesses on their preferred channel.
  • Build long-term loyalty- Whether you are an OTT platform, food delivery app, or an edtech company, your customers notice that you consistently cater to their needs in ways they prefer the most. This earns you their loyalty.

It’s easy to enable this feature within the MoEngage platform. If you are a MoEngage customer, please reach out to your customer success manager or raise a support ticket.

If you do not use MoEngage, but would like to learn more about our product, click here to schedule a demo.