Launching A First-of-its-kind Customer Engagement Community For Developers by MoEngage

MoEngage is excited to launch a first-of-its-kind Customer Engagement community for developers. Read more and join now!

  • UPDATED: 07 November 2023
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The MoEngage SDK is a highly scalable, lightweight, and flexible product running on hundreds of millions of Android and iOS devices. The SDK analyzes trillions of data points every year and serves billions of personalized messages to consumers.

MoEngage, with its SDK scale, has always been at the forefront of enabling consumer brands to provide an exceptional customer experience through its multi-channel platform. You can read more about MoEngage’s Customer Engagement platform here.

Thousands of developers like yourself work with MoEngage SDKs and APIs. And now, we’re excited to launch a brand new first-of-its-kind developer community to help you interact and engage with your peers.

Why Did We Create a Developer Community?

The MoEngage Developer Community is aimed to bring together developers such as yourself to share their knowledge and experiences, ask questions, and enhance their skills together.

As a leading Customer Engagement brand, we believe community building is crucial to fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and learning.

By creating a platform for developers to share their experiences and learn from each other, we aim to pave the way for a better-primed developer community.

How To Join The MoEngage Developer Community?

Stack Overflow is the perfect platform for developers to share their experiences and learn from each other. Being a long-established and trusted platform, Stack Overflow is known for its extensive knowledge base and collaborative environment.

We have chosen the platform for its ability to attract talented developers looking for help or answers and for its reputation system that emphasizes the importance of sharing valuable knowledge.

You can join the MoEngage Developer Community on Stack Overflow here, start exploring the community’s discussions immediately, and dive in by answering questions and interacting with your peers.

What Incentives Do I Have To Join And Engage The Community?

We’re excited to announce that we will be incentivizing the MoEngage Developer Community members with exciting rewards for your active participation.

The more you participate, the more rewards you earn!

Leaderboard rewards for The MoEngage Developer Community
Leaderboard rewards for The MoEngage Developer Community

The top three contributors in the MoEngage Developer Community stand to win gifts worth $400, along with other MoEngage goodies like swag, certificates, social media shoutouts, exclusive invites for MoEngage #GROWTH events, and many more.

These rewards will be based on a leaderboard that will be shared periodically with all the participants. We’ll use Stack Overflow’s incentive system for our leaderboards (based on questions, answers, comments, upvotes, and downvotes).

Please note, to be considered for a reward, a minimum of five contributions (answering questions) should be made in a given month.

To help us identify you as an active member of the community and reward you for your engagement, we request you to share your details in this Google Form.

Join The MoEngage Developer Community Now!

Join the MoEngage Developer Community on Stack Overflow today to share your knowledge and start answering questions by your pers!

The MoEngage Developer Community is just the first step towards MoEngage’s Developer Relations. In the future, our developer community will have more avenues for you to contribute,, such as, building Partner Applications or writing guest articles for the MoEngage Tech blog, to name a few.