Finding Our Remote Work Sweet Spot

By Arpita Karmakar | 28 April 2020

As we rapidly innovate to adjust to the new norm of a digital workplace due to COVID 19, we have to cater to the changing needs of the workforce while meeting organizational goals amid operational challenges. Keeping in mind the importance of the wellbeing of our folks, we decided to go digital with all our folks a week before the nation-wide lockdown was introduced

Since then our focus has been to empower all our folks to embrace this new norm, work towards efficiency, and most importantly be engaged so that we can all steer through this pandemic together soon.

Our first task was to have a business continuity plan in place and ensure we have remote work guidelines and pre-requisites listed down. A Remote Task Force is identified to monitor the situation and regular checks with functional leads to be on top of our OKRs were a priority. Our recruitment efforts -interviews and onboarding both moved to digital too. And we resorted to everything digital for our communication.

Here is what we have done at MoEngage throughout the last month for our remote workforce:

Building a resilient organization through a crisis

We ran a voluntary contribution program towards the COVID-19 efforts (suggested by our employees themselves!) and all the funds raised will be shared with the government to help and support the impacted communities.

While we believe that this crisis will fundamentally change the way we work, engaging our global and diverse workforce through our people-focussed core values will be of utmost importance in the process of emerging as a stronger team!

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