Introducing On-site Surveys: Get Quicker Feedback From Customers to Improve Conversions [Product Announcement]

  • UPDATED: 02 September 2022
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Your business—and your strategy—is only as good as the information you have from your users. Whether you’re trying to improve the customer experience on your website or learn more about your site’s visitors, surveys have always been the most important and reliable way to get feedback. To help you leverage the power of surveys, we are launching the next amazing thing in MoEngage’s On-site Messaging:

Introducing On-site Surveys using MoEngage

On-site Surveys using MoEngage

Embed your survey questions directly into on-site surveys, and trigger them at the right moments to easily persuade your users to share their feedback!

Unlike traditional online surveys that you have to address by email or direct your users to another landing page, on-site surveys are displayed right when your visitors are on your website, allowing you to connect with them and understand what they really expect from your business, directly.

Here are three reasons why you need to start using On-site Surveys immediately:

  1. Reach more users
    First, you can get all your website visitors to answer the survey, unlike surveys that let you engage only users who’ve shared their email address. As such, on-site surveys allow you to reach a broad and diverse audience in no time.
  2. Boost your response rates
    Second, given the customer attention span and interest is a hard target, on-site surveys appear right where your users are. Since your users do not have to move to another page or another tool to answer your questions, these highly contextual on-site surveys are sure to boost your response rates!
    On-site surveys have the highest response rates of up to 60% when compared to most of the other forms of online surveys (post-purchase surveys typically get the most responses).
  3. Segment, personalize, and trigger at the right time
    Third, and the most important is, you can trigger the on-site surveys just at the right time. No tool compares with MoEngage when it comes to reaching the right audience at the right time. Utilize MoEngage’s robust segmentation and targeting capabilities to trigger the survey as an when the user does a desired event! For example, the user has purchased a product from a certain category, immediately triggers the survey on purchase experience.

Simply put, on-site surveys are highly contextual, quick, easy to scale and by far, have the best response rate.

There’s more…

MoEngage Typoform

Forget old-school survey tools with limited capabilities that take you forever to design surveys. We’ve partnered with Typeform to help you easily and quickly design your surveys that would provide your users with first-class survey experience.

With MoEngage’s on-site messaging capabilities & Typeform’s extensive survey creation features, designing stunning surveys should take you less than 5 minutes!

As a marketer, here are a few use-cases that you can quickly get started with

Website feedback on-site survey

Start creating On-site Surveys to discover what your users have to say about your redesign or their browsing experience or what’s the reason for their visit today!

Website feedback on-site survey


Post-purchase on-site survey

Collect feedback on what your user liked about the product they just purchased or get insights into their purchase experience.

Post-purchase on-site survey


Abandoned cart on-site survey 

Learn why users are not fulfilling their orders. Do they need free shipping? More choices? Assistance to help them choose a product? It’s never been easier to know.

Abandoned cart on-site survey


Exit-intent on-site survey

Gain feedback from the visitor on their experience and ask why they are leaving.

Exit-intent on-site survey
NPS on-site survey
Measure your customer loyalty that can be benchmarked across other players in your industry by quickly launching an NPS survey.NPS on-site survey
Receive responses and act on them by engaging your users through other channels right from MoEngage – create connected customer experiences on your website with ease!
With on-site surveys, supercharge your feedback process, gaining crucial insights into user behavior, their expectations from your product, and how you can get better.


MoEngage on-site surveys demo