Introducing Sherpa by MoEngage, to Bring Digital Marketing Into an Autopilot Mode

  • UPDATED: 11 July 2023
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It has been more than 2.5 years since the inception of MoEngage, and it’s been an incredible journey. We now analyze around 15 billion events and deliver about 5 billion personalized interactions in a month through engagement channels like mobile push, in-app messages, emails, and web push. MoEngage has also earned a mention in the recent Forrester report titled ‘Vendor Landscape: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions’.

As we close out 2016 and look to 2017 and beyond, we have some exciting news to share!

“Most marketing automation tools today are rule-based. Marketers need to manually analyze data, define the rules for Segmentation, Personalized Content, and Time, create campaigns, learn from data and iteratively optimize them for better results. We believe in a future where all of this will be handled behind the scenes by platforms like us, which automatically optimize for higher conversions with Machine Learning (ML).

We, hence, started working on an evolutionary product in this direction.

We are pleased to unveil Sherpa, the product that we expect to help shape the future of marketing automation and guide the marketers towards the holy grail of Right Customer, Right Channel, Right Messaging & Right time.

Sherpa is a set of machine-learning-based capabilities built right into MoEngage to automatically optimize and predict these key components of marketing automation:

  • Which users to target? (Audience)
  • What’s the right messaging and the best channel to reach an individual? (Content and Medium)
  • What’s the best time to deliver an interaction for an individual? (Time)

As a first, we rolled out ‘Intelligent Time Optimization’ for our Automated campaigns powered by Sherpa. Earlier, marketers had to define the exact time interval for trigger criteria, based on guesswork and manually iterate them for better results.

Through Machine learning, by automatically optimizing the time delays based on real-time interaction data, Sherpa facilitated an increase of 45 percent in Engagement Rates (impacting transactions) for one of our travel customers, Cleartrip. Other beta customers have seen similar improvements, and we are taking this live across all our customers today.

“The results from Intelligent Time Optimization for our Smart Trigger campaigns have been very encouraging. I think marketing automation driven by machine learning is a boon for today’s growth teams and is the future of this industry” – Subramanya Sharma, CMO at Cleartrip

We launched MoEngage Uplift recently, which helps marketers measure revenue impact from campaigns and optimize for it. Soon Sherpa will be empowering Uplift to automatically optimize the content towards higher uplift, without marketer’s involvement.

The initial customer feedback for Sherpa has given us a great deal of confidence in what we have planned for the future and we wish to fulfill our dream of being a truly ‘hands-free’ marketing automation platform. We have a couple more exciting product launches to come early next year, stay tuned.

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