[Case Study] Ayopop Brings Back 55% of Drop Off Users Using Sherpa by MoEngage

  • UPDATED: 23 July 2023
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Ayopop is Indonesia’s fastest-growing mobile payments app with over 500,000 users. The company wanted to increase the number of active users, bring back users who had dropped off from completing a transaction, and drive growth through sustained engagement.

The Premise

Ayopop wanted to adopt a three-fold approach to drive growth. They were looking to increase the number of active users, bring back users who had abandoned a transaction and motivate them to complete their purchase, and drive growth by promoting repeat purchases and sustained engagement with their users.

To achieve these goals, Ayopop identified three segments through which they could actively promote user engagement and conversion.

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Cross-Selling
  • Subscription reminders

The Solution

Once Ayopop had identified the key segments, they created engaging content that was personalized to user behavior and containing relevant recommendations to promote user engagement on the app.

Ayopop leveraged Sherpa by MoEngage for their multivariate messaging efforts. Sherpa automatically identifies and promotes the better-performing campaign from two variations of a message, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Using Sherpa, Ayopop achieved 29% open rates for notifications on these multivariate campaigns.

Sherpa enables marketers to send personalized, engaging, and high-performing push notifications to users; this promotes customer engagement and drives conversion and growth.

What was Achieved

Sherpa ensured the right messages were sent to the user at the right time and with the desired personalization that promoted engagement.

Ayopop identified users who had abandoned their cart and retargeted those users with reminders and personalized recommendations after two hours. Sherpa analyzed the ideal time to reach out to users and select the best performing customized notifications for optimal CTR.

Push notifications optimized by Sherpa

Those push notifications optimized by Sherpa provided a CTR uplift of 31% and brought back 55% of the abandoned users to complete their transactions.

Ayopop further leveraged Sherpa to re-engage users for cross-selling efforts through sustained mobile engagement. Sherpa was used to send relevant recommendations to users based on products they had already purchased to drive growth. Sherpa optimized messages saw a CTR improvement of 32% and an increase in transactions by 50%.

As part of their subscription reminder campaigns, Ayopop’s business intelligence identified transactions that had an expiry such as monthly internet subscriptions. Using Sherpa, Ayopop was able to send timely and relevant notifications to those users, reminding them of their subscription renewals that were soon due.

Ayopop observed a 200% increase in engagement and transactions from users in this campaign who received notifications from Sherpa as opposed to those who did not.

Download our case study to know more about how Ayopop leveraged multi-variate messaging by MoEngage to drive growth and increase engagement.

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