Liz Earle MBE Shares Success Story and Advice at #GROWTH Summit London 2023

  • UPDATED: 08 November 2023
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One of the highlights of the recent #GROWTH Summit London event was a fireside chat with Liz Earle MBE, the Co-founder of MULTI award-winning skincare brand Liz Earle.

As an inspiration to numerous health, beauty, and wellness brands, there is a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement from the audience when Liz joins our VP for Europe, Jason Smith, on stage.

Liz Earle Speaking Session

Silence filled the room as everyone eagerly awaited Liz Earle’s story and advice.

This is how her story began.

From Journalist to Wellness Advocate

Liz Earle started her career nearly 40 years ago as a journalist, focusing mainly on magazine writing.   Her early writing centred on health and beauty during a period when the concept of wellbeing was not as prevalent as it is now.   This was the time when nutritionists, naturopaths, and alternative health practitioners were gaining recognition, and Liz was one of the early adopters of this new wave of wellbeing.

Liz’s own skin issues, particularly eczema, led her to explore the connection between nutrition and skin health. Her revelation came when a naturopath told her that what she ate could significantly impact her skin. At the time, this idea sounded absurd, but she decided to give it a try. To her amazement, changing her diet improved her skin. This transformative experience led to a significant shift in her career. She left the world of magazines to write her first BEST-SELLING book, “Vital Oils,” challenging the prevailing belief that a low-fat diet was the key to health.

The Birth of a Brand

Liz’s entrepreneurial journey really began to soar when a friend noticed her deep knowledge in skincare and proposed they launch a skincare company.   At first, Liz had some reservations, but she eventually became a co-founder of a DISRUPTIVELY NEW KIND OF skincare brand.   The brand began as a humble endeavour, with Liz and her friend starting out at a kitchen table. However, it grew over time to become ONE OF  the leading independent beauty brandS in the UK BEFORE BEING SOLD TO WBA (IT’S CURRENT OWNERS). This achievement demonstrated their knack for recognising and fulfilling the untapped demands in the market, occupying a niche between mainstream and luxury brands.

Embracing Change and Authenticity

The journey didn’t stop with skincare. When the company was sold, Liz Earle returned to the world of writing and publishing. She emphasized the importance of embracing change and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving business landscape. She acknowledges the significance of authenticity in building trust with customers. In her words, “Every single interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build trust.” Authenticity and honesty, especially when addressing issues or mistakes, can turn dissatisfied customers into brand advocates.

The Power of Social Media

In today’s digital era, Liz Earle firmly believes in the importance of connecting with her audience directly and at the most opportune moments.   She shared her experience with Instagram Live during the lockdown, where she began casually conversing with her community from her kitchen.   The raw, genuine content struck a chord with her audience, and it has since become an integral aspect of her WELLBEING business.

She highlighted that on social media, individuals tend to value authenticity more than perfection.  Highlighting the truth of everyday life, with all its flaws and imperfections, fosters a more authentic bond with the audience.  This highlights the importance of brands adopting an omnichannel approach in order to effectively tailor their messaging for various channels, taking into account the customer’s mindset.

Looking Ahead: Wellness and Longevity

As Liz continues her journey, her focus has shifted towards wellness and longevity, especially in midlife. She believes that living well for longer is the future. With increasing lifespans, people are working longer, and Liz’s goal is to help them feel stronger, happier, and healthier at every stage of life. Her latest book titled “A Better Second Half” publishing next April, explores the possibilities of dialling back the years and aging with vitality and is already topping the charts on Amazon’s pre-order lists.

Key Takeaways for Success

Liz Earle shared two key pieces of advice for anyone in business:

Embrace Change:

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the ability to adapt and manage change is crucial. Surround yourself with individuals who are comfortable with change, and identify and address resistance to it.

Trust Your Gut:

Trust your instincts when making decisions, especially when hiring team members. Liz shared that she has learned from costly mistakes when she ignored her initial instincts during the hiring process.

In conclusion, Liz Earle’s journey exemplifies the strength of staying true to oneself, being open to change, and prioritising one’s own health and happiness. Her story is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and wellness advocates who aspire to make a lasting impact in a rapidly evolving world.