MoEngage Marketing Roundup: February 2019

By Ankita Kaushik | 22 May 2019

The ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s cool’ in digital marketing month has lapsed, and now, everyone is getting into the serious business. Marketers are on their toes to ensure their strategy implementation is going as planned. Also, if the prospecting customers are reacting to the service/product in the way it was intended.

This year marketing trends made it clear that 2019 is all about keeping the customer engaged and being customer-centric. We, at MoEngage, also believe in keeping customers at the heart of everything. So to ensure that the customer understands us and we understand them better, we are introducing an all-exclusive conference for digital growth community – #GROWTH19 for our old, new, and prospecting customers.

You’re Invited to #GROWTH19 – An Exclusive Community for Digital Growth

As India leaps towards higher digital consumption, we believe having an exclusive platform for digital growth marketers and product owners would be a crucial first step for the community. That’s why #GROWTH19. To ensure that we offer an enriching experience to all our attendees, this is an invite-only conference. So please, go to our official event site and request an invite today.

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Also, keeping the 2019 customer theme in place—we have been trying to uncover unique marketing strategies and tools that can be helpful. Take a look at some of our articles in this marketing roundup piece that offers an in-depth understanding of such topics.


4 E-commerce Marketing Takeaways from Netflix’s Black Mirror – Bandersnatch
Netflix inspires ecommerce marketing

Black Mirror – Bandersnatch from Netflix has got everyone talking. While the interactive viewing experience is an unparalleled-first, many are concerned about the data gathered based on the viewing choices they’ve made, and how Netflix can leverage that information in the future. This choose-your-own style of storytelling is an early indicator of the way users will consume digital content in the future.

Also, it is one such marketing trend that many brands can leverage especially brands falling under the e-commerce industry. Our writer here has whipped up an article that will give you four e-commerce marketing takeaways taken from Bandersnatch.

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How to Implement Web Push Notifications for eCommerce Marketing

Implement Web Push Notifications on your website | MoEngage

For sites who thoughtfully plan out an engagement strategy to leverage web push, there’s loyalty, engagement, and increased e-commerce conversions to be gained all at lower rates than buying retargeting inventory. Deploying web push is as simple as putting a JavaScript on your site. You can build it yourself or work with a vendor. Sending out a web push alert is pretty straightforward, but how can you convert web push into a winning channel? Here are the steps.

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Marketer Spotlight: Top 7 Digital Marketing Priorities in 2019

Marketer Spotlight is an initiative by MoEngage that covers insights and opinions of marketing leaders and influencers. Here’s, Shane Barker, a digital marketing strategist, and a brand & influencer consultant. He specializes in content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and has helped countless businesses increase their revenue to $5 million+.

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How Customer Engagement Analytics Can Help Grow Your eCommerce Business in 2019

customer engagement in e-commerce

More organizations are using analytics to improve customer engagement and therefore gain a competitive advantage. And yours should probably be one of them. Without customer engagement analytics, how can you know what’s working and what’s not? How can you know what to replicate and what to fix or change? How can you deepen customer engagement if you can’t measure it?

We’re going to try and take away some of the scare factors and give you a brief rundown of customer engagement analytics, why you should care, and what to look for.

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5 Ways AI Is Redefining E-commerce Customer Engagement

AI for e-commerce customer engagement

How do you take that e-commerce experience to the next level without adding to your marketing or IT team—or budget? You rely on AI. The technology exists to enable you as the marketer to learn from your users’ signals and market to their needs in a targeted way—with little or no effort on your part. To help you wrap your head around using AI to deepen customer engagement, we describe five ways to do so below.

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Losing App Users to Churn? Here’s Where Customer Engagement is Going Wrong

customer engagement in app

There’s a downside to the plethora of apps and downloads: user churn. Consumers are downloading lots of apps, but they aren’t all using them—or keeping them. The good news is you can take steps to help make sure your app is one they do keep, interact with and buy from. Understand where your customer engagement in the app is going and learn steps to overcome it.

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Emoji Engagement: The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Emojis in Push Notifications
Learn how to use emojis in push notification

If you’re one of those marketers, who would like to know more about increasing your engagement with your audience by using emojis in your push notifications, read on for some reasons to do so, and best practices to follow.

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Industry Study: eCommerce in Indonesia and How Tokopedia Boosts First Time Conversions by 20%
tokopedia case study

As an eCommerce marketer, logistics and government regulations might be outside your purview. However, you can engage and win more customers with a sprinkle of personalization in your customer’s purchase journey—just like Tokopedia did. Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest online marketplace leverages our platform to improve app user retention by 60%. They did a lot more! Read this case study to understand how they achieved this success.

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So I hope this marketing roundup explained how crucial it is to be customer-centric. Also, hope all you marketers out there are doing precisely that—keeping customers engaged.

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