MoEngage Push Amplification™ Ensures Delivery Rates as High as 92%, Despite Mi Push Service Deprecation

  • UPDATED: 19 March 2024
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In the present day, push notifications are utilized by mobile marketers for various purposes, such as onboarding new users, increasing sales, enhancing customer engagement, promoting digital growth, and improving customer lifetime value. Consequently, it is extremely important to utilize push notifications as both a communication and engagement platform. Therefore, it is imperative that customers and prospects receive push notifications with the highest deliverability.

Why do Some of Your Push Notifications Go Undelivered?

As high as 40%-70% of your push notifications may not be delivered to end-users. The current Asian Android market is fragmented and dominated by many popular Chinese OEMs. One of the reasons for low delivery rates is the OEM-related challenges in the Chinese OEMs. For example, Xiaomi devices can shut down apps in the background or off-screen to optimize battery usage. For Vivo devices, an “Auto-Start Manager” prevents applications from being woken up to process notifications. Challenges like these make it imperative to fill the gaps plaguing the delivery rates of push notifications. 

How MoEngage Push AmplificationTM Enhances Delivery Rates 

MoEngage Push Amplification® enhances the delivery rate of push notifications deliverability by:

  • Identifying undelivered Push Notifications on your customer’s device and then
  • Acting as a fallback mechanism to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and then
  • Directly delivering those Push Notifications to customers’ devices

This amplifies the overall notification deliverability of your Push Notifications.


In addition, MoEngage also has Push AmplificationTM Plus, our proprietary solution that further enhances the delivery rates through partnerships with leading OEMs in the market, along with our Proprietary technology to amplify your notification delivery rates. 

Our Push AmplificationTM Plus delivery rates are as high as 94.7%, with an average delivery rate of 85% across industries. 




Is Mi Push Service Deprecation a Challenge? 

Xiaomi Corporation recently decided to shut down the Xiaomi Push service outside Mainland China due to operational issues. Although we have been using Mi Push service to further enhance the deliverability of push notifications as a part of our PushAmp+, the deprecation has not had any major effect on our delivery rates. Our customers are still experiencing delivery rates of up to 92% for Xiaomi devices just by leveraging FCM and MoEngage Push AmplificationTM

For example, one of our customers, a leading clothing brand, recorded 94.13% delivery rate in the month of February and a 92.78% delivery rate on average with just the help of Push AmplificationTM and FCM. Similarly, for a leading noise wearables brand, we have seen push delivery rates go up to 93.5% even without the Mi Push service running for them. 

A top online furniture rental platform achieves a 90% push delivery rate just by utilizing MoEngage Push AmplificationTM without using Mi Push for sending push notifications.

An Indian online furniture rental platform successfully reaches its expanding customer base by leveraging push notifications. The brand promotes new furniture collections, limited-time offers, promotions, and personalized recommendations through Push AmplificationTM.

Even during the Mi push deprecation the brand consistently experienced a notification delivery rate of 90% using just FCM and MoEngage Push AmplificationTM, In February alone, the platform achieved an impressive delivery rate of 91.96%, indicating the robustness of the Push AmplificationTM without the Mi Push service running. 

This pattern has been observed consistently across various clients who were using Mi Push service earlier and now are reliant only on Push AmplicationTM and FCM.  

MoEngage Push AmplificationTM remains committed to delivering success for its customers.

MoEngage Push AmplificationTM maintains a strong track record of achieving delivery rates of up to 92%, ensuring optimal delivery of push notifications. Despite challenges posed by certain Chinese OEMs, MoEngage Push AmplificationTM remains committed to delivering the Industry’s best delivery rates for its customers.