Our Response to COVID-19: Driven by Our People Philosophy and Core Values

By Jitender Panihar | 24 March 2020

As the world sees the response to COVID-19 evolving swiftly, as a global organization we at MoEngage are constantly monitoring the situation to ensure we take enough measures to help our employees and communities fight this outbreak.

Driven by a transparent culture and people-centric core values, we will strive to guarantee the well being of our global members.

Before we introduced social distancing as a norm in the organization and shifted to a remote model, we had followed numerous measures to keep our office space sanitized and safe for the working folks:

  • Sanitize all the floors of the office to maintain hygiene
  • Disinfect common surfaces like workstations and table cafeteria at regular intervals
  • Signages in all floors showing best practices to contain/avoid spreading the virus
  • Screening of all employees and visitors before they enter the premises
  • Encouraging everyone to wash their hands and sanitize more often
  • Removing biometric for attendance tracking to avoid possible spread
  • No shared ceramic cups and shared utensils in the cafeteria
  • Keeping hand sanitizers on all floors and around almost all workstations
  • Encouraging members to work from home if they have symptoms of the virus.

We initiated our remote work plan starting this week where we have recommended all our global workforce to work remotely until the situation improves and adopt social distancing. 

Listed here are certain key elements we have tried to adopt as a part of the program to make sure we continue business as usual:


All our members have been recommended to maintain social distancing and work from home wherever possible. Our health care partner, Ekincare will be providing healthcare support whenever needed. We have been sending regular reminders to all tips to avoid contracting the virus and spreading it. If an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, she/he is recommended to report the case to the management/people ops team at the earliest. They are typically advised to stay at home for 14 days/until cleared by the doctor to return to work. Anyone with symptoms also is recommended to rest and return to work only when she/he feels fit to do so.

Remote Work Taskforce

We have created a crisis management team that would respond to concerns around remote work and business impact on case to case basis. This team includes the functional leads and the people operations team to ensure we focus on business continuity.

Business as Usual

Best practices of working remotely and efficiently are shared with our members on a regular basis to make sure we stay customer-first.  We have moved to a digital workplace on tools like Slack and Hangouts and continue to have regular operational activities like Onboarding, Interviewing and even Performance conversations virtually. We also emphasize on being the most collaborative during common office hours and being responsive to office communicators. Our people have the freedom to execute and innovate wherever necessary.

Events and Travel

As of today, all non-essential travel and internal and external events involving our members would be planned with caution, if any.


As we gear up to move to a digital workplace, we recommend everyone to invest in technology and adopt best practices to stay accountable and drive ownership even if they aren’t physically in the office. 


Slack has been our champion! We have been very active on all channels ensuring people are engaged and are aware of all updates. Be it conversation threads where people share memes of their remote workplaces (We take Fun seriously!) to the most recent updates on the Covid-19 situation globally, our members have adapted to this whole new workstyle pretty positively and we will strive to continue to do so.

These responses will be operational as long as it’s needed and will be subject to revision as the situation evolves. We hope for the organization to evolve with this evolving time. The well being for our members and the larger community is foremost for us and we will strive to achieve that.

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Jitender Panihar

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