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Adda247 Automates 90% of Customer Data Analysis Using MoEngage Analytics

Discover how Adda247 used MoEngage’s automation & analytical capabilities to save time on manual human intervention and automated 90% of their customer behavioural analysis via custom dashboards.

About Adda247

Adda247 is India’s largest vernacular test prep platform catering to the learning needs of 50 mn students each year. This multilingual ed-tech platform provides 360-degree learning solutions for all major Indian competitive exams.

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MoEngage Analytics
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After utilizing Analytics, it has become easier for the team to understand our customers— their interests and intentions. We are able to implement data-backed campaigns.

Chandan Singh
VP - Product, Adda247
Data analysis automated
Reduction in manual campaigns
The Problem

The brand needed an automated analytics tool that will automate customer behavior analysis by removing human intervention.

The Solution

The brand employed MoEngage Analytics to understand customer behavior and to run data-driven customer engagement campaigns.

The Result

With MoEngage, the Adda247 team could clearly understand customer behavior and could also run data-driven engagement campaigns. Using MoEngage Analytics, they were able to analyze customer behavior like app usage, in-app activity and specific drop-off points.

• 90% Data analysis automated through custom dashboards
• 72% Time saved on a manual intervention

Using behavioral analytics, they were able to create customer engagement campaigns that reached the right customer at the right time and nudged them to perform the desired action. They also used MoEngage’s email capability to connect with customers and re-engaged them with personalized content.

Having email and analytics on one platform helped the team greatly. They could therefore identify relevant segments and initiate campaigns from the same screen. This also led to lesser need for intervention from the team and helped them focus on the creative & strategic aspects of marketing instead.

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