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Anteraja Increases Push CTRs By 2.25x Using Zero-Code Push Templates

Uplift in CTRs using push templates
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Anteraja is a logistic service with an extensive ecosystem throughout Indonesia. Anteraja aims to help independent businesses grow and create better job opportunities to support Indonesia’s economy. Launched in 2019, Anteraja has become one of Indonesia’s fastest-growing logistics companies that adapts and embraces the technology at the core of its services.


Our experience with MoEngage has been fantastic, and the on-ground support we’ve received since day one deserves a special shout-out. We have seen monumental progress in how well we understand customer behavior and engage with them accordingly. Regarding moving the needle, MoEngage’s no-code push templates have helped us increase our CTRs by 31%.

Faye Natanie

Anteraja used MoEngage's RFM segmentation model to segment customers based on their in-app activity. Using zero code push templates, they were able to creatively engage customers and improve engagement rates.

Omnichannel Flows to increase customers who complete sign up by 17%

A well-crafted customer onboarding process helps brands to gain trust and fulfill customers’ expectations. To mitigate the issues of fragmented onboarding and inconsistent experiences across multiple touchpoints, Anteraja uses MoEngage’s flows.

The onboarding flow targets customers who have completed the ‘INSTALL’ action. The email and push campaigns under the flow remind the customer to complete the ‘SIGN UP’ process and make the first order.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.
Push Notification Templates
Craft beautiful notifications in minutes using no-code templates.
RFM Segmentation
The Results

With MoEngage, Anteraja was able to:

  • Automate onboarding flows to engage with customers and improve DAUs and MAUs
  • Increase insights into the purchase behavior of customers
  • Send personalized communication to customers based on segments they belong to