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BharatAgri Clocks a 30% Uplift in Conversion Rates Using MoEngage and Segment Integration

Discover how the Agri-tech brand, BharatAgri, used the MoEngage and Segment integration to uplift its conversion rates by 30%!

About BharatAgri

BharatAgri is a farming technology platform that directly works with farmers and the full agriculture value chain. The Agri-tech startup is working towards its mission to bridge the gap between technology and agriculture in India with a vision to reach out to 140 Million Indian farmers.

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Increase in “Install to Sign up” Ratio
Uplift in Conversions
Business Need

Brands must create a close relationship with their customers through continuous, relevant communication across all digital touchpoints. Data plays a significant role in helping brands create a close relationship with their customers through continuous, relevant and personalized communication across all digital touchpoints. Ergo, the richer the data, the better the personalization strategy.
The bi-directional integration between a CEP and a CDP empowers brands to take their data-driven personalization strategy to the next level and scale their businesses exponentially. BharatAgri was looking for such an integration to enrich its customer journeys seamlessly. This is where opting for MoEngage & Segment Integration made the most sense!

MoEngage Solution

As a part of the MoEngage and Segment integration, BharatAgri leveraged Segment's Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) functionalities to ensure that the influx of data is consistent, centralized, and easily accessible. Then, the Agri-tech brand leveraged the insights garnered to develop personalized experiences for users both on and off their platform using MoEngage's Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) functionalities.

The Result

Using MoEngage, Bharat Agri was able to:

  • Clock an uplift of 20% in Conversions
  • Observe a 25-30% increase in “Install to Sign up” Ratio 
  • Increase the number of onboardings by 8%  

Drive Better Engagement using MoEngage

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