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Bigbasket Improves Push Notification Delivery by 10% with MoEngage Push Amplification

Discover how Bigbasket used MoEngage™ Push Amplification® Plus to increase their push notification delivery by 10%, leading to a 16% increase in overall sale conversions due to increased reach.

About Bigbasket

Bigbasket is India’s largest online food and grocery store. With over 4 million app downloads, the store carries an array of 18000+ products and 1000+ brands across fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, packaged products, and meats.

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With MoEngage Push Amplification, we have witnessed an improvement of 10%+ in push delivery. This gives Bigbasket the ability to reach, engage and convert those additional users who would otherwise be a missed opportunity.

Anand Bhaskaran
Manager - Digital Marketing
Aggregate Increase in
Push Notification Delivery
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The Problem

Bigbasket was faced with a challenge of low push notification delivery. This was mainly due to the OS-level, device-level restrictions in certain Chinese OEM devices. So, push notifications sent by Bigbasket were not being delivered to these devices, thereby affecting the overall engagement rate of the app. With 51% of the Indian smartphone market comprising of Chinese OEM devices, the drop in push notification delivery and engagement negatively impacted Bigbasket’s business.

The Solution

To overcome this restriction and engage users, Bigbasket implemented the ‘MoEngage Push Amplification SDK’ designed to act as a fall back to GCM and reach Chinese OEM devices directly. With this implementation, Bigbasket was able to reach, engage & convert the potential audience into shoppers.

The Result

Due to device-level restrictions in some Chinese OEM devices, Bigbasket’s push notifications were not getting delivered resulting in low app engagement. With 51% of the Indian smartphone market comprising Chinese OEM devices, this negatively impacted business.

• 10% aggregate increase in push notification delivery
• 3.5X increase in delivery for certain OEMs
• 17% increase their push delivery for onboarding campaigns
• 16% increase in sale conversions attributed to increased reach

To overcome this restriction, improve push notification delivery, and engage customers, Bigbasket implemented the ‘MoEngage™ Push Amplification® SDK’, which acted as a fallback to GCM and helped reach Chinese OEM devices directly. With this, Bigbasket was able to reach, engage & convert customers.

MoEngage SDK was built with the capability to handle varied types of OEM devices, along with a huge volume of push delivery. Using this the team was able to reach out to potential audience and turn them into transacting customers, leading to an increase in transactions and customer retention.

How Bigbasket Improves Push Notification Delivery

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