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Chope Boosts Conversions by 3X using Advanced Segmentation and Personalized Engagement Across Channels

Higher email open rates than industry benchmark
Increase in campaign CVRs for segmented audience
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Founded in 2011, Chope is Asia’s leading dining platform that connects diners to restaurants to create memorable experiences. Chope has 8000 restaurants in its network and service in seven cities namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Shanghai, Bali, and Jakarta.

To make dining experiences memorable and seamless for its diners, they’ve teamed up with top restaurant partners such as Commonwealth Concepts, JUMBO Group, Soho Hospitality, Lost Heaven, Dining Concepts, Hospitality Management Asia, Plataran Group, and the Union Group. Furthermore, their ecosystem is enhanced by partnerships with Alipay, Google, Tripadvisor, Meituan Dianping, DBS, and CapitaLand.


Our experience with MoEngage has been a delightful and rewarding one. Making data-driven decisions has always been important to Chope, and we’re now able to measure and analyze the impact of our campaigns and optimization efforts, which was previously not the case. Also, the support team at MoEngage helps us with feedback and new ideas, and their expertise in customer engagement helps us be better.

Arrif Ziaudeen
Arrif Ziaudeen
Executive Chairman, Chope
Chope uses advanced segmentation to send personalized and contextual communications

From millions of data points across diners, restaurants, and locations, Chope creates segments of diners based on the following criteria:

  • Stage of customer lifecycle
  • Activity level on the platform (reachability)
  • Channel preferences
  • User properties
  • User behavior
  • Location
  • Response to campaigns
Based on diners’ past booking and buying behavior, Chope sends restaurant recommendations and top deals for customers. Effective customer segmentation has positively impacted Chope’s email open rates. The emails achieved an open rate of over 40%, which is 2x higher than the industry benchmark of 20.2% in Southeast Asia.

Personalized emails and push notifications to drive adoption, discoverability and stickiness

By knowing where diners make their bookings, Chope uses personalized journeys to focus its educational and onboarding eorts accordingly. This helps Chope drive product adoption and build positive customer habits.

After analyzing diners' historical booking and buying behavior on the platform, Chope sends personalized promotional content to improve relevance and engagement.

To drive repeat usage and stickiness, Chope leverages emails pinpointing where diners are in their customer lifecycle, how close they are to winning their next voucher, and what steps must be taken. This measure reminds customers about rewards, improving stickiness, and repeat usage.

For diners who drop o before completing a restaurant booking, Chope sends personalized push notications to remind diners to complete their bookings and keep using Chope. Chope analyzes timing and channel preferences to send communications.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels using Omnichannel Flows.
Personalize experiences by creating nuanced segments based on behavior and action.
The Impact
  • Frictionless campaign automation and engagement with MoEngage’s integrated engagement platform
  • Ability to segment millions of customers based on demographics, behavior, and affinities
  • Capability to make sense of variables accumulated from numerous touchpoints, reduce data siloing, and make data-informed business decisions
  • 3x increase in campaign CTRs where the audience is segmented (versus generic broadcast campaigns)
  • 3x increase in campaign CVRs where the audience is segmented (versus generic broadcast campaigns)
  • 42.78% average open rate for the ‘Active and Engaged’ segment, which is 32 % higher than the industry benchmark for Southeast Asia