Edamama Achieves a 213% Uplift in Conversions with MoEngage’s AI-Driven Recommendations | MoEngage

Edamama Achieves a 213% Uplift in Conversions with MoEngage’s AI-Driven Recommendations

Uplift in conversions
Increase in CTRs
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Edamama is a leading shopping platform for new parents in the Philippines, helping them simplify their decision-making process.Since their inception in 2020, they have grown over 100x in the last three years while securing 20 million USD in Series A funding.


“We trust MoEngage to create a unified shopping experience where we leverage MoEngage’s smart recommendations to automatically curate the right set of product recommendations based on customer actions. This feature helps us towards our mission to simplify decision-making.”

Sriharsha Vavilala
Sriharsha Vavilala
Director-Revenue & Strategy, Edamama

Edamama sought to be the most trusted platform that simplifies decision-making for parents, and hence, they chose MoEngage because of the platform's trustworthiness, reliability, and scalability. Using MoEngage's AI-driven Smart Recommendations, they guide and support mothers with the right products.

Smart Recommendations to guide and support mothers with the right products

Using MoEngage’s Smart Recommendations, Edamama sent two types of email campaigns:

Cart Abandonment: These campaigns were focused on customers who had items in their cart and were yet to checkout. The email would highlight the abandoned item and three more recommended items based on the item in the cart.

Weekly Newsletters: These campaigns provide customers with information about the latest promotional campaigns and provide AI-curated personalized product recommendations. By leveraging MoEngage’s Smart Recommendations, Edamama observed a remarkable 260% uplift in CTR and a 213% increase in conversions.

Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
Optimize campaigns and drive high ROI with AI-powered, Sherpa.
The Results

Using MoEngage, Edamama was able to automate and personalize their campaigns at scale and observed:

  • 213% uplift in conversion with AI Recommendations
  • 260% uplift in CTR (click-on-open)
  • 100K+ increase in Monthly Active Users
  • 27% increase in Average Product Stickiness
  • 70% increase in New Customer Growth