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Future Group’s Wallet App Future Pay Boosts Active Userbase by 20%

Increase in conversions (purchases)
Increase in overall traffic
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Future Pay is an app-based wallet for e-shopping across Future Group stores. It aims to provide an effortless shopping experience to more than 20 million+ customers who can now use the app to shop at over 1500 Future Group stores.


We decided to utilize MoEngage Funnel Analytics to understand user behavior trends on the app and the clicks on various discount banners. Using this data, we were able to add custom segments such as category/brand preference and more to run relevant engagement campaigns.

Rohitashwa Bhotica
Rohitashwa Bhotica
Business Head, Future Pay
The Problem
The Future Pay app’s product team was not able to track clicks on various stores' banners within the app. They couldn’t measure the conversions on these stores' pages either. However, the team was positive that they were driving a competent number of conversions for Future Group stores.
MoEngage Solution
The Future’s team utilized MoEngage’s Analytics to understand user’s app activity, funnel flow, and overall engagement on the discount banners. Then leveraged these insights to segment users and create engagement campaign workflows.
Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
Optimize campaigns and drive high ROI with AI-powered, Sherpa.
MoEngage Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered analytics.
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels using Omnichannel Flows.
The Result

Future Pay believed that a technology-driven engagement tool like MoEngage would prove very effective in getting the necessary visibility on Future Pay’s banner interactions, along with personalized customer engagement, leading to higher traffic and conversions.

• 20% increase in overall traffic
• 5% boost in CTRs on engagement campaigns
• 15% more visibility for preferred brand products
• 60% increase in sale conversions

The team devised an end-to-end execution strategy, starting with understanding the customer’s app activity and engagement with the discount banners. This was followed by an insights-led customer segmentation, and the creation of campaign workflows to optimize communication on various discounts and offers.

Post the execution of these campaigns, Future Pay was able to attribute the sale conversions that the payment app was driving to the Future Group stores, with a 20% increase in overall traffic to these pages. They also observed a 60% increase in conversions via offers and discounts banners on the app.