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How Rain Increased Email Deliverability by 3X and Cracked Email Inboxing

Discover how Rain, a crypto assets brokerage firm witnesses a 3x increase in email deliverability with MoEngage.

About Rain

Rain is a crypto assets brokerage that offers institutional and retail clients across the Middle East and Turkey the ability to buy, sell, and store virtual assets.

Rain has established itself across the Middle East and Turkey as a trusted and secure platform through the fundamental belief in the regulation of the virtual assets industry.

Rain became the first licensed virtual assets service provider in the Middle East in 2019 and is regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. The crypto platform was recently granted Financial Services Permission (FSP) by Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) to operate a regulated virtual assets brokerage and custody service in the UAE.

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One notable obstacle revolved around email delivery, a common concern in the cryptocurrency industry due to the tendency of certain email servers to flag messages mentioning crypto-related content as spam. Through the collective efforts of the MoEngage team, Rain was able to significantly mitigate this issue and enhance the deliverability of their emails.

Haris Khan
Vice President of Growth
Improvement in Email deliverability, reaching industry-leading delivery rates.
Open rates for highly responsive segments respectively.
Business Challenge

The concept of customer engagement was not new for the brand. Before partnering with MoEngage, Rain employed a diverse array of products and tools to empower its teams in various domains, such as product analytics, customer engagement, attribution, and reporting. This comprehensive martech stack enabled Rain to manage and optimize its marketing and customer-related activities efficiently.
However, a unified platform was missing!
Additionally, another challenge faced by Rain was around email deliverability.

MoEngage Solution

Cracking the Email Inboxing

MoEngage's support, along with their email deliverability consultancy (EDC) worked from scratch, setting up dedicated IPs, conducting IP warm-ups, and gradually increasing send limits. This enhanced inboxing and deliverability.

Segmented and Personalized Communications

After collaborating with MoEngage, Rain segmented customers based on various events and attributes. For instance, one such segment was for highly responsive customers. Here, Rain optimized communication, leading to higher open rates and better engagement.

Integration with Product Analytics Tool

MoEngage's integration capabilities ensured a smooth flow of data between systems, enabling Rain to gain comprehensive insights into user behavior and preferences.

The Result
  • 3x improvement in Email deliverability, reaching industry-leading delivery rates
  • ~60% and ~3.9%, Open rates and CTRs for highly responsive segments, respectively.
  • 7.3% Increase in sign-up completion rate with automated customer journeys

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