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Jimmy Brings Grows Revenue by 2.6X Using Affinity Segmentation

Learn how Jimmy Brings analyzed and segmented customers based on various attributes to send personalized engagement campaigns across customer purchase journeys.

About Jimmy Brings

Jimmy Brings, Australia’s largest on-demand alcohol delivery service, provides alcohol delivery services to consumers across Australia. This alcohol delivery brand serves top drinks from a curated list to more than 800K of happy customers.

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MoEngage has allowed us to reach our customer base and communicate to them effectively and on time. It is one of the major platforms we use to keep customers engaged throughout their lifetime journey with the brand while also allowing us to collect valuable customer insight. As the brand evolves, we want to ensure that content remains relevant, and MoEngage’s personalization capabilities enable this.

Angela Lo
CRM Manager, Jimmy Brings
Growth in revenue
Growth in DAUs
Business Need

Jimmy Brings’ team wanted to improve engagement and surpass industry standards for open rates, click-through, and conversion rates, along with low unsubscribe rates retain customers by providing relevant and personalized content.

MoEngage Solution

The team decided to employ MoEngage customer engagement platform because of its intuitive, omnichannel approach. Their new strategy was to create two different campaigns to cater to two different aspects - customer journey and exclusive seasonal offers.

Relevant Segmentation Improves Overall CVR

The brand now segments the customer database more than ever (compared to a year ago) to create a journey-based, behavior-based engagement. Overall, this helped the team to engage customers based on their purchase category. The growth in engagement improved their DAUs and 2x increase in new customers.

The brand has recently commenced trialing customer affinity on the day of purchase for some campaigns, including best send time, and observed some excellent CVR numbers. Overall, the team observed their customer were 53.4% more likely to take the desired action when the messages were sent during the preferred time. 44.7%.

How Jimmy Brings Used Afiinity Segmentation to Grow Revenue by 2X

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