NOICE Adopts An Insights-led Approach To Engagement, Boosts DAUs By 34% | MoEngage

NOICE Adopts An Insights-led Approach To Engagement, Boosts DAUs By 34%

Increase in DAUs
Increase in MAUs
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NOICE is a technology startup focusing on providing a multi-vertical audio platform that streams local content to Indonesian listeners. NOICE provides a wide array of content like podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and live audio.


Our partnership with MoEngage has really helped us gather the right insights, optimize our onboarding process, and provide a superior listening experience for our listeners to enjoy their screenless moments. By leveraging MoEngage’s flows and campaigns, we are able to personalize and contextualize our communications. We look forward to growing our audience and providing them with an unparalleled listening experience with MoEngage supporting us in our audience engagement and retention.

Virginia Fransiska
Virginia Fransiska
VP of Marketing & Partnership
Business Challenge
The challenge was to automate their campaigns, re-engage existing listeners and improve app stickiness.
NOICE adopted an insights-led approach to engagement and used MoEngage's smart triggered campaigns, omnichannel flows, and uninstall analytics. This helps them to pave a strong foundation for their business that will help them achieve their goals.
Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.
The Results

With MoEngage, NOICE was able to:

  • Automate onboarding flows to engage with listeners
  • Reduce manual effort in setting up new campaigns
  • Understand when listeners drop-off or uninstall the app