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How Symbo Insurance used MoEngage as an All-in-one Engagement Platform

Discover how the MoEngage customer engagement platform helped Symbo drive intelligent connectivity with over 100k lifetime customers, using 100% automation of its customer engagement programs.

About Symbo

Symbo.co is on a mission to become the world’s largest embedded insurance distribution platform. We work closely with retail, eCommerce, and digital companies who wish to bundle insurance along with the core products they sell, right at the point of purchase. We work extremely closely with our partners to make the buying process simple and also create coverage products that add value to their business. Our proprietary Cover Gateway integrates with the world’s leading insurers to issue policies and manage claims in a digital and seamless manner.

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We started using MoEngage to unify all our marketing campaigns into a single dashboard with focus on orchestration, personalization, and data-driven campaign optimization. What I particularly like about MoEngage is that it’s easy to set up, and provides limitless segmentation and engagement opportunities to drive growth.

Niti Nirvan
Head of Marketing
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The Problem

Symbo had different components of its engagement strategy in silos. Marketing campaigns employed a spray-and-pray approach leading to negative impact on onboarding completion and revenue.

MoEngage Solution

MoEngage helps Symbo with a centralized omnichannel engagement platform leveraging personalization and segmentation. Marketing campaigns are enabled with AI algorithms to increase efficiency in key steps, positively impacting revenue.

The Result

With MoEngage Flows, Symbo’s onboarding communication could now be sequential, automated, and action based. Using Flows, the Symbo team orchestrated detailed omnichannel workflows based on the key customer attributes at 4 different stages.

• Complete Onboarding automation for new customers
• Active engagement for customers yet to complete KYC
• Automation of rewards for customers who have completed their training and certification
• Re-engagement efforts for customers who have dropped out

Timely personalized reminders to segmented customer bases via MoEngage helped engage and push only those yet to complete KYC, to take action. MoEngage also helped with vernacular support for customers having a language preference by sending out customized communication via Emails, SMS, and IVR.

MoEngage’s capability to identify dormant or dropped customers made it easy to engage them with customized communication. With MoEngage’s reward automation capabilities, Symbo was able to commend customers who completed their certification, while also inducing FOMO in those who were lagging behind.

How Symbo Insurance Improved Engagement & User Onboarding

Discover how a centralized omnichannel engagement platform positively impacted their revenue