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How Symbo Insurance used MoEngage as an All-in-one Engagement Platform


About Symbo

Established in 1994, Symbo serves the insurance industry across product, distribution and operations. Their comprehensive offerings span all lines of insurance with capabilities across reinsurance and direct insurance. They build distribution and affinity networks to drive large scale insurance penetration, and also offer policy administration and claims assistance services.

The Problem

Symbo had different components of its engagement strategy in silos. Marketing campaigns employed a spray-and-pray approach leading to negative impact on onboarding completion and revenue.

MoEngage Solution

MoEngage helps Symbo with a centralized omnichannel engagement platform leveraging personalization and segmentation. Marketing campaigns are enabled with AI algorithms to increase efficiency in key steps, positively impacting revenue.
Boost in engagement
Seamlessly onboarded users

What They Say About Us

We started using MoEngage to unify all our marketing campaigns into a single dashboard with focus on orchestration, personalization, and data-driven campaign optimization. What I particularly like about MoEngage is that it’s easy to set up, and provides limitless segmentation and engagement opportunities to drive growth.
Niti Nirvan
Head of Marketing

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