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How Tickertape Drives ~11% In-App CTRs Overtaking Industry Benchmark of 8.3%

Find out how Tickertape uses MoEngage’s HTML in-app feature to drive overall CTRs of 10.8% (compared to the industry benchmarks of 8.3%) while showing their campaigns to 60% of customers (compared to 20-30% for event-triggered campaigns)!

About Tickertape

Tickertape is a content and information platform for stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and other investment instruments. Owned by Anchorage Technologies Private Limited, Tickertape aims to make investing more inclusive by offering retail investors institutional knowledge, access to data and benchmarks, tools for analysis, and the chance to be a part of a vertical community of investors.

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Our aim at Tickertape is to build a comprehensive investment ecosystem where individual and retail investors can better manage their finances, provide them access to tools, and encourage knowledge sharing. We're delighted to partner with MoEngage and leverage their insights-led capabilities, particularly in-app communication, to drive meaningful engagement. We’re already seeing great results, viz. improvement of CTRs from 2% to ~11%!

Manish Bansal
VP, Growth and Marketing
Overall CTR compared to
industry benchmarks of 8.3%
of customers seeing their campaigns compared to 20-30%
for event-triggered campaigns
Business Challenge

One of the biggest objectives for Tickertape was to improve the financial outcomes of its customers by promoting holistic learning and contextual understanding. Thus, they needed to encourage customers to spend higher time on the app and discovering new features. The investment analysis platform realized the need to show different in-app messages based on the section of the app the customer was in. This is where MoEngage with its insights-led approach and advanced HTML in-app functionalities came to their aid.

MoEngage Solution

With different features and product lines in the app, Tickertape could personalize in-app communications using HTML templates. Tickertape now shows in-app communication on specific screens instead of relying on customer triggers that may or may not trigger in-app communication at the right time.

Driving Feature Discovery While Improving Retention, Stickiness, and Time Spent In-App

With 3 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs),  over 5 million downloads, and more than 120,000 paying members, the most active customers come from the Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Lucknow, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Indore, with the most active time of the day during the stock market opening and closing hours.

Business offerings provided by Tickertape:

  • Stock Screener
  • Mutual Funds Screener
  • Market Mood Index
  • Asset Pages
  • Watchlist
  • Portfolio
  • Stock Deals
  • Social

One of the biggest objectives for Tickertape was to improve the financial outcomes of its customers. To do that, they needed to promote holistic learning and contextual understanding regarding investments.

Tickertape sought to promote feature discovery by nudging customers to perform funnel-level events such as signup, upgrade to the pro version, and link broker, among others and is now building a vertical community of like-minded investors to encourage peer learning.

This not helped them boost retention and stickiness (on a feature and platform level) but also aided in increasing the amount of time spent on the platform.

The Result

Using MoEngage’s HTML in-app feature, Tickertape observed:

  • 10.8% Overall CTR compared to industry benchmarks of 8.3%
  • 60% Of customers seeing their campaigns compared to 20-30% for event-triggered campaigns

The industry standard for in-app CTR stands somewhere around 8.3%, while Tickertape was able to observe CTRs ~11%.

How did they achieve this feat? The answer is contextual in-app communication using HTML templates.

Contextual in-app messages can be used to show personalized communication only on specific screens or specific parts of a screen, like fragments.

This can be used to restrict in-app campaigns to specific app fragments, which will be triggered based on a customer’s behavior inside the app.



At Tickertape, we needed an omnichannel customer engagement platform with custom HTML capability that would allow us to build our in-app communication, which is much more aligned with the app design. After evaluating other options, we strongly felt MoEngage’s Push Amplification® feature (enabling higher reach for our notifications) combined with Flows would help us in meaningfully engage our new, regular, and dormant customers.

Shyam Athreye
Senior Product Manager

Beat Industry Benchmarks for CTRs using HTML In-app Functionality

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