Narrator and Guests
  • narrator
    Jamie Gagliardi
    Head of Marketing,
    Jimmy Brings
  • narrator
    Rajarshi Choudhuri
    Content Marketing Manager,

Marketing Professional with a Digital Marketing/CRM background and a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry, Jamie heads Marketing at Jimmy Brings, Australia’s first on-demand alcohol delivery company. He's skilled in Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Growth Marketing, Advertising, and Branding. Jamie is also a key influencer of driving digital transformations and enhancing customer experience.

Creates and builds insightful content for the B2B/B2C marketing community by the day, moonlights as a pop culture aficionado by the night. Published author with global and national publications like e27, TechInAsia, Yourstory, Tripoto, Huffington Post, and YouthKiAwaaz. Can be found binging on Sci-Fi and High Fantasy when not churning content.


Adapt your CRM strategy and optimize during this time. As I mentioned there’s going to be a lot more leads that turn into customers throughout this time. How we’re adapting our CRM strategy and optimizing to make sure we get the most out of these customers throughout this period.

Jamie Gagliardi
Head of Marketing, Jimmy Brings