Narrator and Guests
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    Fouad Saeidi
    Founder and CEO,
    App Growth Network
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    Meagan White
    Senior Director of Marketing, North America,

Fouad Saeidi is a Marketing executive with over 10 years of industry experience. He has focused on Digital marketing & mobile app user acquisition for 30+ different industries from companies with 1 operator to 15,000+ employees. Fouad is the founder & CEO of App Growth Network (AGN) - a global marketing technology organization HQ in Vancouver Canada that grows the mobile apps from all over the globe.

Meagan White is the Senior Director of Marketing for North America at MoEngage. Meagan has more than ten years of demand generation, digital marketing, product marketing, and communications experience within software, martech, and content management. Most recently, she led all of marketing at Localytics, a mobile app marketing company. Prior to Localytics, she was Director of Marketing Programs at Acquia, a digital experience company, where she oversaw global demand generation strategy, campaigns, and digital marketing. Meagan has both corporate and agency experience and holds a master’s degree from Boston University.


In terms of specific tactics that work well in converting free users to paid subscribers, knowing the kind of users you're dealing with is important. Have a concrete follow-up plan on day three or day seven, or one or two days before the subscription is expiring. Obviously, we don’t want to offer too much because you won’t be able to monetize well then. Focus a lot on the value that the product is giving you. So, for a meditation app, use reminders like ‘Did you enjoy the meditation’ and ‘Would you come back tomorrow?', try to get a lot of feedback from them earlier, ahead of time so that you know where you stand before you offer any promotion to them later on.

Fouad Saeidi
Founder and CEO, App Growth Network

Key Takeaways

  • Customer Lifecycle: How it varies across industries and its impact on converting free subscribers to paid users
  • Tactics and strategies that have worked well for converting free to paid users
  • Interesting free-to-paid user conversion campaign ideas
  • Pitfalls to avoid when running free-to-paid user conversion campaigns
  • Best practices for running free-to-paid conversion campaigns