Engagement Strategies for a Perfect Holiday Marketing Plan

  • UPDATED: 19 July 2023
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Even with economic uncertainties, shoppers are geared-up to spend quite a lot this holiday season. According to Numerator, shoppers plan to spend around $50 to $150 during Thanksgiving and about $150 to $200 during December Holidays.

The holiday season is approaching, and it’s getting busy for all marketers. From Halloween clawing to Thanksgiving, December holidays like Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa, New Year, and Valentine’s Day, brands are gearing up to stand out with their unique customer engagement strategies.

If only there were a guide to tell you exactly which strategy works! If only you had a clear idea of how customer insights can drive business outcomes. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We decided to help you with the best customer engagement strategies you can use this holiday season. We have launched an exclusive holiday marketing guide for you.

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This is one reason we curated a holiday e-book that studies brands’ previous holiday recipes with a special secret sauce, and you’ll have a fantastic customer engagement strategy. MoEngage has devised this cookbook with the 7 best customer engagement recipes to try, especially for the holiday season. Haven’t you checked it out yet? Let’s have a sneak peek into it!

Recipe #1: Excel at Omnichannel

Millennials and Gen-Z customers are hooked to their phones, switching from one app to another. At the same time, they’re also flocking shopping malls and brick-and-mortar stores. Engaging them through only one channel is not at all a sustainable strategy.

So game it up and create an experience for these folks that can complement their active social lives. Target different apps for specific advertising, bring influencers onboard, design a seamless transition from one channel to another and make them feel exclusive and unique. This tactic is enough to get your coffee brewing to deliciousness amidst all the holiday rush!

Want to know how cleverly Burger King utilized an omnichannel strategy during Halloween to increase their new menu orders by 6%? Head to our exclusive recipe book designed to engage and retain customers, especially during holidays!

Recipe #2: Personalize Like a Pro

This acquisition recipe focuses on collecting more customer insights and creating segments based on their affinity, behavior data, etc. Brand marketers then leverage AI to analyze their past interests and behavior to predict future customer actions and tailor brand messages to their liking.

And treat them with exclusive deals – similar to House of Fraser’s on Black Friday, across their online and offline stores. The result was massive traction from new and existing customers, but more on that in our cream of the crop recipe book.

Recipe #3: Create Some Buzz

Sure, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade attracted 27 million viewers and highly engaged many new and existing customers. Not all brands can afford this luxury, though.

Showcase the good work you’ve been doing. Reveal what’s new in your corporate social responsibility activities. Tease campaigns to offer an exclusive early-bird experience to a new product lineup.

The idea is to create a buzz around everything you do and deliver on your promises. Gather all your online and offline tools and set your post very high to ensure visibility. Certainly not as grand as Macy’s Parade, but personally yours.

Recipe #4: Drive Loyalty

Your loyal customers are the foundation of a brand’s continued growth. Take the holidays as an opportunity to inspire loyalty through personalized campaigns and reap the benefits through increased referrals.

Let’s take Marriott, for example! They increased their open rate by 125% and achieved an 89% uplift in clicks simply by creating an exclusive campaign for their loyal customers. There were additional rewards and bonus points too.

Such campaigns are a strong statement of gratitude towards your customers. And when they feel appreciated, they come back for your services and even refer others.

Recipe #5: Build Channel Consistency

Is your cart abandonment rate too high? Then it’s time to identify the Aha! Moments of your visitors and convert them into customers.

A large German retail and e-commerce brand leveraged this strategy to remove friction points in the customer’s journey. The result was a higher churn rate and a 4.6% increase in purchases.

Once you devise your consistent channel strategy, including customer segmentation to onboarding and activation, you can engage the non-converting cohort directly.

We have more exclusive recipes for your holiday season’s customer engagement strategy. You can easily replicate these growth strategies for your brand just download our 7 Best Customer Engagement Recipes for the Holiday Season.

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Wrapping Up

It’s been a huge dose of marketing tonic for the season! But always remember, it’s not just about increasing engagement during the few key holidays. These strategies are tried and tested across industries and have proven their merit in drawing engagement and conversion well beyond Black Friday

Want to know about these tricks in-depth? Catch all the cherry-picked ideas and strategies in the 7 Best Customer Engagement Recipes for the Holiday Season. Know more about activating your omnichannel presence, loyalty programs, and social media marketing, and more.