MoEngage Can Now Ingest Data ~10X Faster for Greater Scale

  • UPDATED: 18 July 2023
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Contextual communication is vital in today’s hyper-connected world, where customers expect greater personalization and better experiences than ever before. Marketers need to keep up with customer trends and engage with each individual in the moment. This is where customer engagement platforms like MoEngage take it up a notch to enable marketers to deliver contextual, real-time communication that keeps every customer happy.

Marketers from over 1200 brands trust MoEngage with their customer engagement needs. The platform is built to scale, engaging with over 1.2 billion customers monthly via 3.2 billion messages delivered each day. We’ve got news for you — it’s getting even better!

MoEngage can now ingest data upto 10X faster than ever before! This means faster engagement, responses, analytics, and greater customer happiness.

This improvement benefits all of you, whether you’re a marketer, product manager, CXO, growth marketer, or someone else! Let’s dive in to understand this change and how it impacts your business. (Spoiler alert: There’s nothing you need to do. Just sit back and watch everything get faster!).

Why We’ve Made Things Faster

Earlier, any changes to the customer profile would be reflected after 30 minutes. While this enabled marketers to take action based on the customer’s activity, some customers might already have moved on.

Reaching out to customers at the earliest can positively impact their experience, helping drive greater engagement with your platform. A report by Salesforce found that 79% of customers are willing to share relevant information about themselves in exchange for contextualized interactions in which they’re immediately known and understood. The keywords here are ‘contextualized interactions’, ‘immediately’, and ‘understood.’

This image shows that customers want to be understood
Customers want to be understood

While our systems have given you contextual information about each customer’s action and the help they may need, this update goes one step further. MoEngage can now process this data on a near real-time basis, allowing you to capture their attention at the right moment and guide them through their journey.

How This Will Help You

We’ve completely revamped the MoEngage platform to make our data ingestion process ~10X faster. This means you can access customer data at near real-time speed, to set up campaigns that reach them in real-time. This makes the entire customer journey more interactive and personalized to their needs.

Let’s take an example of a customer on a fashion website who abandons their cart because a shirt was unavailable in their size. Under normal circumstances, pushing the customer to purchase a similar product might be challenging. But with near real-time data, you can instantly nudge the customer to buy a similar shirt from a different brand available in their size. With such personalized attention, the customer’s lifetime value will also increase.

Let’s take an example of a fintech customer applying for a credit card. They’ve reached the final step but then canceled their application because they haven’t found answers to their questions. At this moment, marketers can instantly send them an FAQ page to ease their doubts and ensure a conversion.

This increase in processing power also translates to a higher limit on the data we can process, leading directly to greater scalability.

Key Benefits

Real-time Segmentation and Campaign Analytics

This is an image showing a marketer creating campaigns 15X faster
Create more personalized campaigns with nearly 10X faster data ingestion

Customer segmentation is typically a process that is done well after the customer has used and interacted with the product. This enables marketers to create segment-based campaigns that influence their future interactions with the product.

Now, what if you could segment and personalize in near real-time and attempt to influence the customer’s actions in the present?

With our improved speed, you can do exactly that! This is not limited to just the critical data points but applies to all customer data, from browsing history, conversion data, engagement metrics, and everything else that MoEngage brings you. You can reach customers with personalized campaigns and promotions in real time.

This improvement also helps marketing analysts, allowing them to analyze the results of a campaign or promotion from near real-time customer interactions. This saves time compared to a post-campaign analysis. Marketers and analysts can better understand customer behavior by checking each customer’s real-time activity.

Faster and Improved Observability

Analyzing campaigns with old data can be challenging, even if it is only 30 minutes old. This is because such data can be redundant and not representative of the issue the customer is facing in real time.

With campaign data available to you in near real-time, this is much easier and more relevant to the customer’s challenges. Marketers can see real-time data on the MoEngage dashboard in near real-time and fast-track their debugging activities.

Collect More Data and Set Higher Limits

This is an image showing 15X faster customer profiling
Access customer profiles that are updated almost instantly

Increased customer data translates to improved customer profiling. With MoEngage’s latest update, marketers can update customer profiles almost 5X faster each minute, meaning that customer data and activity will be reflected on the dashboard almost instantly.

Marketers can sometimes miss changes in critical customer data like email ID and address because of a gap in being updated. This can impact the deliverability of campaigns and promotions. Such changes will now be updated almost real-time on the dashboard so that marketers can take action with the assurance of increased deliverability.

Coming Soon To Your MoEngage

We’re releasing this update in a phased manner, but you can be sure that a 10X faster MoEngage will be available to you soon. You can also be sure that this will improve the speed of your marketing campaigns and change how you approach customer engagement.

Near real-time collection and processing of customer data is the future of marketing efforts. Along with all the other features MoEngage offers, you’re in a great position to engage with your customers in the most efficient way possible. We’re excited to bring this update to you and look forward to your feedback.


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