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Walk & Run With Us - Begin Where You Are

Start your omnichannel communication by understanding how your customers like to communicate and interact with your brand. Use this to improve your customer satisfaction & brand experience by applying those learnings to continuously develop your omnichannel strategy.

Walk - Start A/B Testing

Take the guesswork out of your omnichannel strategy and start experimenting. Discover what drives your results & customer loyalty on email, in-app, push, and any channel you choose next. Create experiences that your customers love at first sight - from names in welcome messages to geo-targeted ads and relevant content.

Run - Build on Your Results

From there, let your consumers guide your evolution through omnichannel engagement. Analyze what, when, and where they want more communication and expand your strategy alongside their needs. Move seamlessly from email to push notifications if you see your consumers engaging with you on their mobile devices, and cohesively continue the conversation as if they never switched screens!

Leap & Soar with Us

As you grow, so will your needs and business integrations. As an open platform, we can accommodate all your growing data sources to continue your omnichannel strategies from few to many channels. Ensure you are messaging your consumers at the optimal time, cohesively across all of their touchpoints.

Leap with AI-driven Optimization

Get more airtime as your few-channel approach becomes a thing of the past. As your strategy evolves, so will your capabilities to act on omnichannel preferences and behaviors to inform your decisions better and, therefore, dynamically segment based on those findings. You will continue to learn more about your consumers to make AI-driven informed choices on what they want next from your brand.

Soar with Predictive Capabilities

Lift off! Now let's fly into omnichannel, where you can incorporate SMS messaging or web personalization into your full-stack Customer Engagement strategy using predictive analytics and AI-driven segmentation. The more channels you have, the more you can engage and learn the best time to send your campaigns on the device your consumers’ interact with the most.

Add More, Do More - Expand Your Channels

Expand your omnichannel communications strategy with Facebook Audiences and WhatsApp, thanks to our connectors. Easily integrate all the data from your attribution partners to enjoy a unified customer view that brings the engagement from all your channels into one dashboard to optimize your campaigns and improve customer experience.

What This May Look Like for You

Welcome journey and event trigger notifications

Send the right message at the exact moment across relevant channels - whether it's giving your audiences a warm welcome to their inbox, account alert to SMS, or reminding them that a promotional sale is about to end. By knowing which channels your customer responds to the most, you can maximize engagement and set up events to reach them in real-time.

Prompt permissions to open more channels with your customers

Unlock more channels to connect with your customers. Use in-app messages to obtain your customer’s permission to send alerts, offers, and updates through SMS, Push Notifications, Email, and WhatsApp. Grow loyalty by recommending personalized content that you know your consumers love.

Improve conversions and reduce churn

Enable communications that you know your consumers will see by delivering these messages in the moment! Win your customers' undivided attention through notifications they look forward to receiving across any channel and drive customer loyalty with data insights.

Learn the Impact of Omnichannel Engagement With MoEngage

Create relevant and delightful micro-moments for customers across all digital touchpoints

boost in Customer Engagement

MoEngage’s insights-led engagement platform helped us run seamless Customer Engagement campaigns across multiple channels.

growth in app adoption

With MoEngage’s insights-led engagement platform, we created a seamless digitalized Customer Engagement where we were engaging our customers using personalized push notifications, in-app messages, and emails.

Our Customers’ Stories Speak for Themselves
OYO Boosts Customer Engagement by 8X

MoEngage’s insights-led engagement platform helped us run seamless Customer Engagement campaigns across multiple channels.

Pranav Kumar
Magenta Telekom's App Adoption Grows by 1.5X

With MoEngage’s insights-led engagement platform, we created a seamless digitalized Customer Engagement where we were engaging our customers using personalized push notifications, in-app messages, and emails.

Kirsten Theiner
Product Owner - One App, Magenta Telekom
VieON Improves MAUs by 3X using Insights-led Engagement

MoEngage enables us to set up various flows to retarget both new and old users. We've used push notifications, in-app communications, and emails to reach and provide customers with a relevant and personalized experience. We aim to deepen our customers' understanding and delight them even more!

Anh-Phuong Nguyen Vo
Sr. Marketing Manager, VieON
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does omnichannel marketing mean?

Omnichannel Marketing refers to engaging customers with a uniform message that is personalized and provides the same experience across all online and offline channels, such as push notifications, email, SMS, website, social media, and search across devices, i.e, mobile, desktop. It is a customer-centric marketing approach to provide a seamless experience to the customers.

Why is omnichannel important?

Customers love it when they are taken care of, including a customized experience and the fact that brands remember their preferences and communication. Having customer data available centrally, it is possible to provide such an experience to the customers that they can pick up from any communication channel at the same point that they had left earlier to engage with the brand. This way, brands not only improve their customer relations but can retain customers with improved services and performance. You can use the channels by MoEngage to drive your communication and give a coherent customer experience.

What defines a good omnichannel customer experience?

Delivering a brilliant omnichannel customer experience starts from knowing your customer to the core. The more you know about them, the better you will be able to design a perfect experience. This includes knowing their preferences, pain points, the platforms they use for buying, their purchasing challenges, how they approach brands, and much more. Once you have these details, you can prepare messages for passing through your communication channels to work hand-in-hand, providing a consistent experience. In this case, tools like MoEngage help provide a seamless customer experience.

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