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  • UPDATED: 26 July 2023
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After almost two years of the pandemic hitting the world and shutting down any and all in-person human interactions, we were finally able to host our annual #GROWTH Summit 2022 at Radisson Blu, Bengaluru. The event allowed the attendees and us to network with and learn from experts and leaders engaging customers and driving growth in a digital-first world.

The one-day event organized on April 21st, 2022, was supported by our partners at Mixpanel, AWS, and Appsflyer and had over 500+ in attendance! With over 12 illustrious founders’ panels, fireside chats, and breakout panels comprising product leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers, the event allowed us to interact with the thinkers and doers from the hottest brands in India for the most definitive discourse on customer engagement!

Session 1: Driving Growth through Hyper-local Content. The Story of Daily Hunt, Josh, and Public Vibe

In this fireside chat Yash Reddy, CBO at MoEngage spoke to Umang Bedi, Co-Founder, VerSe Innovation, about how the organization is driving hyper-local content creation and consumption through its slew of products.

Session 2: A Customer-centric, Insights-led Approach to Engagement

In this session, Raviteja Dodda, co-founder and CEO of MoEngage, and Nalin Goel, SVP Products at MoEngage, shared exciting product launches, and business updates and discussed the market landscape for customer engagement in 2022. Learn why being a customer-centric brand today is essential to drive growth and offer a great customer experience!

To dive deeper into the world of customer, journey, and campaign insights, and the role these play in your engagement strategy, download our latest ebook called The State of Insights-led Engagement 2022 | India Edition.

Session 3: Decoding the Tenets, Culture, and the Best Practices of Building a Customer-centric Brand in a Digital-first World

Raviteja Dodda (Co-founder and CEO of MoEngage) moderated the session with Madhusudan E (CEO, Kreditbee), Chaitanya Ramalingegowda (Co-Founder, Wakefit), Misbah Ashraf (Co-Founder, Jar), and Arnav Kumar (Founder, Leap Finance) attending as panelists.

We dived into how customer-centricity will be the most significant business driver for modern consumer brands. Undoubtedly, there was a lot to be uncovered regarding basic tenets to achieving customer-centricity, the critical role of customer insights, best practices, and common pitfalls. Find out more in the video below, where expert panelists from Jar App, KreditBee, Wakefit, and Leap Finance, discuss how to build a customer-centric culture and how brands can incorporate customer insights into business strategies to drive results!

Session 4: Building a Tech-stack For Delivering a Winning Digital Experience

Ashwin SL, VP Marketing at MoEngage, moderated the session with Prathamesh Dembla (Head of Growth, Licious) and Nitesh Shinde (CTO, Porter) participating as panelists.

Featuring experts from Porter and Licious, the discussion focused on the evolution of customer engagement tech stacks, their components, and how to build an end-to-end, modern tech stack for consumer-centric brands.

Session 5: Delivering Multi-channel Experiences: Bottlenecks, Challenges, and Learnings

Narasimha Rao, GM for India & Middle East at MoEngage, moderated the session with Vaibhav Puri (VP Marketing, NoBroker), Rajnish Kumar (Head D2C & Digital, ITC Ltd), Shreeram Ganesh (Marketing Head, Fraazo), Sharad Harjai (VP Marketing, Pharmeasy) participating as panelists.

Understanding the right approach toward driving personalized, multi-channel experiences is crucial in today’s world. So, in this session, we spoke to leaders from NoBroker, ITC, Pharmeasy, and Fraazo to understand how to engage customers better through effective segmentation. The session also highlighted the process of identification of the perfect conversion path, along with learnings and pitfalls to avoid.

Session 6: Delivering a Winning Onboarding Experience and its Impact on Long-term Retention

Dilip Punjabi, Regional sales lead, Mixpanel, moderated the session with Setal Patel (Director of Products, Sharechat), Monica Shrivastava (Director of Products, Byju’s), Achin Jindal (Head of Product, Good Glamm), and Akhil Sharma (Senior Director of Product, OLA) attending as panelists.

A stellar onboarding experience leaves a great, long-lasting impression on customers. Hence, it’s crucial for today’s brands to onboard customers seamlessly and steer clear of the common misses and slips. So, in this session we spoke to experts from Sharechat, Byju’s, Good Glamm and OLA to understand the impact of efficient onboarding on long-term retention and monetization, along with the factors affecting them.

Session 7: Decoding Consumer Trends and Driving growth in the New Frontier [of Gaming, Crypto, NFT & Digital Banks]

Neha Yadav, Principal Account Manager, AWS, moderated the session with Apurv Narang (Head of User Growth & Product Marketing, Jupiter), Minal Thukral (EVP Growth, CoinDCX), and Siddharth Harawat (Head of Marketing & Growth, Fancraze) attending as panelists.

Over the last two years, industries like Digital Banking, Gaming, Crypto, and NFT have seen a paradigm shift in consumer trends, with digital transformation being the name of the game. In this panel from our #GROWTH Summit India 2022, experts from Jupiter, CoinDCX, Fancraze, and AWS shared growth stories, consumer trends, and more!

Session 8: Blending High-tech and High-touch Approaches in Financial Services for a Post-pandemic World

Sanjay Prasad, Head of BFSI segment – India at MoEngage, moderated the session with Anuj Prakash (Head of Growth, OK Credit), NK Purohit (CDO, IIFL), Raveesh Bhatnagar (SVP Digital Business, IndusInd Bank), Vishal Gupta (Head of Products, PhonePe) and Jishnu Chakraborty (VP Digital Banking, Kotak Bank) attending as panelists.

With a lot of debate going on around unbundling and re-bundling of financial services, we decided it’s best to talk to the experts from some of the country’s leading names in account management, personal finance, alternative lending, and banking. Learn what spokespeople from OK Credit, IIFl, IndusInd, PhonePe, and Kotak Bank said about the role of collaboration in helping build a thriving financial ecosystem. 

Session 9: Building the Right Team to Enable Growth at Different Stages of Scale

Shivangi Boghani, Head of Growth, India at MoEngage, moderated the session with Ajay Lakhotia (Founder, Stockgro), Shally Modi (Co-Founder, Pratilipi), Vijay Kumar (Founder, MyGate), and Pavan Guntupalli (Co-Founder, Rapido) attending as panelists.

One of the most critical elements to driving business growth is having the right people and team in place. So we invited the founders from high-growth organizations like Rapido, Stockgro, Pratilipi, and MyGate to share their experiences in building the right team for growth, and the evolution of growth teams as their businesses scale, along with challenges, key takeaways, and their learnings.

Session 10: Meesho’s Growth Story

Shivangi Boghani, Head of Growth, India at MoEngage, moderated the session with Megha Agarwal, CXO – Growth at Meesho attending as the guest speaker.

Learn how Meesho guided and revolutionized the social E-commerce industry in India and became one of the country’s fastest-growing E-commerce companies. Hear it straight from Megha Agarwal, CXO – Growth at Meesho, what growth means for a consumer-centric brand, and measurable growth metrics that Meesho tracks.

Session 11: Women in Growth – The Strategies and Tactics that Delivered Growth for SUGAR Cosmetics

From the company’s inception in 2012, focusing on becoming “customer-obsessed”, building a solid, relatable brand, to touching over $80 Million ARR in April 2022, SUGAR Cosmetics’ success story is nothing short of inspiring! In this keynote session, Vineeta Singh, the CEO, and Founder of the cruelty-free beauty brand, highlights the strategies and tactics that delivered such immense growth for the organization.

What’s Next In-Store?

Since #GROWTH Summit 2022 broadly covered topics around insights-led engagement, customer-centric approach, and customer engagement strategies, here are a few articles for further reading on the topics mentioned above and themes: