Convert Data To Actionable Insights With Proactive Assistant By MoEngage

Want to learn how Proactive Assistant can help you amplify your Customer Engagement metrics? You’re at the right place!

  • UPDATED: 21 July 2023
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Data is crude numbers until you can use it to derive meaningful insights. For creating powerful customer engagement campaigns, it’s critical to gain insights into customer segments, their behavioral patterns, and preferences. But insights are valuable only when they’re actionable. MoEngage has launched a first-of-its-kind customer engagement AI, Proactive Assistant, that combs through your customers’ data and proactively shares the best actionable insights. All in one click!

Here’s the Jarvis you needed to amplify customer engagement efforts seamlessly! After all, Tony Stark could be Ironman only because of Jarvis by his constant side!

Let us understand why consumer brands need to focus on being proactive in their Insights-led Customer Engagement efforts and gain the coveted edge over their competition.


Why do brands need to be more proactive?

Customers are spoilt for choices and competitors are on the constant lookout for grabbing eyeballs. Customers expect brands to know their preferences, and interests and provide an exceptional brand experience.

For successfully giving a great customer experience, being proactive and gathering data is critical. But it’s futile when actionable insights are absent from all that data!

Manually looking for insights leaves room for missing out on time-sensitive and pattern-based intel when you’re looking at multiple data points.

Here’s why you need to be more proactive in getting the right intel:

  1. Reduce the turnaround time to go live with campaigns with automated and accurate insights
  2. Get insights in advance without running a single line of code or manually sifting through all your data
  3. Automate actionable priorities with insights focused on the most important business metrics like LTV, revenue, churn, or engagement
  4. Take corrective actions based on insights about customer segments that are likely to churn or have the highest probability of repeating transactions or resubscribing on your platform with close to 100% accuracy
  5. Bring in more predictability by timely detecting anomalies like a spike in DAUs, analyzing data and customer segment patterns, and gradual changes in key metrics

How does Proactive Assistant amplify your Customer Engagement efforts?

Here are some challenges that Proactive Assistant is built to solve:

  • Anomaly detection in campaigns, events, and metrics and sending an alert in a timely manner. Proactive Assistant will instantly notify you of an abrupt dip in traffic, push notification delivery rates, a spike in DAUs, changes to user attributes, and more
  • Identify trends and patterns across all customer touchpoints and campaigns
  • Automatically prioritize, rank, and display insights based on the most critical business metrics
  • Share insights customized to your customers’ buying journey stage and behavior
  • Share actionable insights with a high rate of accuracy and help prevent churn. You’re even notified about a segment with the highest conversion probability with close to 100% accuracy!

With Proactive Assistant, teams can gather important insights without having to manually sift through data and reduce their dependability on other teams for analysis.

What kind of insights does Proactive Assistant gather for you?

Insights from MoEngage Proactive Assistant
Insights from MoEngage Proactive Assistant

MoEngage customers can get the following insights from Proactive Assistant:

  • Reasons behind a sudden spike in DAUs or MAUs
  • Best performing campaigns
  • DAU and MAU count for the previous day or month versus the present
  • Upcoming expiring campaigns and their channel-wise performance
  • Best campaigns for a specific customer segment
  • Customers that are likely to churn and preventive actions you can take
  • Automatically created segments based on attributes such as different customer demographics and RFM
  • Daily events, DAUs, MAUs, user attributes, and revenue alerts
  • Downward/upward trending events
  • Anomaly detection and possible causes
  • Unified and actionable insights from across touchpoints, channels, and campaigns
  • Insights into critical business metrics such as impressions, delivery rates, clicks and click-through rates, conversions, and CVR across channels
  • Alerts on expiring campaigns

Proactive Assistant helps with actionable and powerful insights with a high degree of accuracy and helps you take actions timely and effectively. You can automate data collection and get meaningful insights across campaigns, channels, and touchpoints, making it your go-to place for all intel and insights needs to run the best customer engagement campaigns.

How can you use Proactive Assistant?

Shopping (E-commerce, Retail, D2C)

Insights on Shopping categories
Insights on Shopping categories
  1. Get automatic alerts when there is a sudden spike in orders placed and understand the cause. This helps lowering new customer acquisition costs and boost LTV
  2. Learn more about popular product categories that have high organic conversions. With these insights, you can run product recommendations campaigns to increase the Average Order Value (AOV)
  3. Get notified of a sudden decrease in critical metrics such as CTRs with actionable suggestions for course correction
  4. Receive alerts if campaign delivery rates dip and corrective actions you can take
  5. Get insights into new trends in traffic and traffic sources. For instance, understand more about unique visitors from certain categories or segments to run engagement campaigns
  6. Automatic analysis of repeat purchase behavior, customers who have upgraded, or the performance of a city
  7. Receive actionable suggestions to run campaigns with lucrative discounts and flash sales when purchase rates have dropped

OTT Media Streaming

Insights for OTT streaming platforms
Insights for OTT streaming platforms
  1. Receive alerts when there’s a drop in impressions for ongoing periodic campaigns
  2. Be notified about an artist or song that was played 2x or 3x more than others in a short time interval to run viral acquisition social media campaigns
  3. Get insights into customers interested in tech news and send them a limited-time subscription offer like a one-month free trial
  4. Flag customer segments that have a sudden decrease in app activity and act on actionable suggestions to re-engage them
  5. Learn more about a segment interested in a specific genre to run recommendation campaigns. This keeps them engaged and eventually nudges them to renew subscriptions

Online Banking and Fintech

  1. Optimize for higher conversions with insights into the best onboarding campaigns with higher conversions
  2. Explore a better time to send emails or try a different communication channel like push notifications by learning why email open rates for a campaign were below the average benchmark
  3. Get instant notifications during a surge in UPI payment failures. Alert your customers with an in-app message so that they choose another payment mode during checkouts
  4. Learn more about a segment interested in a personal loan or credit card. Send them a notification with a limited time offer to enroll in the product category of interest

How can you get started with MoEngage’s Proactive Assistant?

If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your favorite MoEngage Customer Success team member. If you’re new to MoEngage and want to get started, you can request a demo here.