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What is Cross-channel Marketing and How it Improves Marketing ROI

  • Updated: 08 September 2021
  • 3 min read

There are many channels in the marketplace through which you can reach out to customers. From billions of users on social media to the thousands that view outdoor ads, marketers have multiple channels to engage their customers. Marketing strategies developed on solid execution often rely on cross-channel marketing.

Cross-channel V/S Traditional Marketing Approach

Marketers today prefer to engage with customers across all marketing channels. This is even more so true for bigger brands that market across various consumer spaces. CMOs of umbrella brands rely on mastering the marketing channels available to them. This is where cross-channel marketing comes in.

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Personalization, Consumer Intent, and Shifting Trends

Consumers are looking to brands for increased personalization. From selecting the right size to having the right color, customers want more from brands. According to Google, 78% of holiday shoppers turn to online mediums for research. They look for information that can help them plan their shopping, shortlist options, and make purchase decisions. As brands reach out to consumers across channels, the key is to offer an integrated brand experience across the customer's journey.

For example, a customer may view your newspaper ad and visit your brand's social media handle. From there, she might visit your store and chat with a customer service agent. The agent may offer her a deal right there and she might complete the purchase.

Data from Wharton School suggests that 2/3 shoppers use more than one channel to complete their purchase decision. Holiday season trends show that a cross-channel marketing mechanism works best. Here are 3 things to remember as you put in place a cross-channel marketing strategy for your brand:

  1. Consistency is Key in Cross-channel Marketing

    While it is important to grow marketing ROI, you also need to ensure that you offer a consistent experience across channels. This includes brand principles, content strategies, and communication voice/tone. In fact, customers have begun to expect a consistent experience as they go from email to search. 60% of millennials now expect brands to remain consistent across all marketing channels.

    See how Lifestyle Group, one of the largest retail chains in the Asian region achieves consistent communication across channels.
  2. Optimizing the Marketing Funnel for Better ROI

    For many marketers, the marketing funnel is key to better ROI. Cross-channel marketing can help you optimize the funnel with contextual messaging. Real-time marketing helps build a seamless user experience as customers move from one channel to the other. You can also re-target your customers effectively across channels. For example, when you set up retargeting campaigns to reach your website drop-offs, include social media and email to the mix. This multi-touchpoint strategy will help you optimize the campaign further grow marketing ROI.

    1Weather a top-rated U.S. weather app scales mobile user engagement by 3X - here's what they changed.
  3. Measuring the Results: Multi-channel Attribution

    There are various ways to measure the impact of cross-channel marketing. Many marketers prefer the first-touch attribution as the ultimate strategy to measure success. Yet, in today's cross-channel world, this approach might be less effective. You are less likely to measure the impact of a push notification as equitably as a CRM communications agent.

    Here's how Future Group, one of India's biggest retail chains tracks attribution across different campaigns

Get Started with Cross-channel Marketing

AI-powered cross-channel platforms like MoEngage can help grow marketing ROI. They help you plan, execute, and measure your marketing campaigns better. Leverage data to give your customers the right information at the right time.

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About The Author
Akshatha Kamath leads content marketing at MoEngage. She's one of "LinkedIn Content 50", has been recently featured on the list of "The Most Influential Content Marketing Professional" by World Marketing Congress and is among the “100 Fastest Growing Marketers” identified by Adobe. She is a content marketing specialist with close to 12 years of experience in writing, strategizing, and managing content for various organizations. Before MoEngage, she’s steered content marketing teams for companies like Simplilearn, Vizury, and Conzerv helping them with content, brand, and communication strategies that are aligned with their business goals. Akshatha volunteers with AMA SF as a writer. She is also a published author with publications such as Clickz, Digital Market Asia, Get Elastic, and e27. She is an avid reader and a traveler who enjoys experiencing the flavors of life in different places.
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