Power All Your Platforms With Rich Customer Segments Using MoEngage’s Outbound Segment Sync

  • UPDATED: 26 October 2023
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According to a recent SaaS buying report, a typical mid-market company uses 185 different apps in their tech stack. And many of these tools require customer segmentation data to work effectively and provide the right results.

However, companies face a two-fold challenge in creating customer segments and then exporting them to platforms. Creating segments involves multiple steps, including tracking and analyzing campaign data and then tagging and grouping customers on certain models.

But assuming you already use a segmentation platform, manually exporting segments isn’t straightforward either. Usually, it’s a tedious process requiring much redundant effort. It becomes worse when you need to export customer segments to multiple platforms or periodically to one platform.

To solve these challenges and enable companies to leverage rich customer segments across platforms seamlessly, we’re excited to announce Outbound Segment Sync!

What is Outbound Segment Sync?

Outbound Segment Sync enables businesses to easily sync and send valuable customer segments created on MoEngage to any other platform in their tech stack.

With a few clicks, businesses can configure the destination and send segments almost instantly. Moreover, they can ensure their customer segments are updated by setting a desired sync frequency (either one-time or periodic) on the dashboard, which can also be used to monitor the synced segments.

Additionally, to run A/B tests using experimentation platforms such as VWO or AB Tasty, or trigger personalized communication using platforms like Apxor, or run retargeting campaigns on advertising platforms like Storyly, you can instantly start using the available integrations at the MoEngage platform. Thus no time and effort are required to configure the destinations. And yes, this list is growing fast.

Thus, businesses can leverage MoEngage’s segmentation capabilities and other features more effectively across their tech stack to drive the right business metrics.

Why Did We Build Outbound Segment Sync?

After talking to marketers, analysts, and product managers, we found most faced multiple challenges while analyzing and sending segmented data. These were mainly the following –

  • Exporting segments to another platform involves a lot of redundant efforts.
  • Accessing segments across multiple platforms was inconvenient.
  • Monitoring the exported segments is very challenging.

These challenges prevented them from effectively utilizing MoEngage-powered segments across platforms and hampered their workflow. To solve these challenges and empower businesses to make more data-driven decisions and use segmentation data for other business use cases effectively, we built Outbound Segment Sync.

The feature enables marketers, analysts, and product managers to easily sync segments, one-time or periodically, to any destination platform of their choice. Unlike other customer engagement platforms, MoEngage provides an easy-to-use, universal, and flexible segment sync solution.

How Can Brands Leverage Outbound Segment Sync?

Now that you understand what Outbound Segment Sync is and its advantages let’s understand a few components of the feature and how you can set it up –

  • MoEngage’s Segmentation Builder – Leverage the power of the industry’s best segmentation builder using filters, RFM, affinity-based, and predictive segments.
Examples of different types of customer segments you can sync using Outbound Segment Sync
  • Destination – Businesses can configure any destination platform on the dashboard.
  • Sync frequency – You can set the frequency as daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how often you want segments to be sent.

  • Dashboard – Monitor the status and configure your synced segments in one place.
All synced segments can be monitored using the dashboard

You just need to follow two main steps to get started:

  • Configure destination – You can use “Custom Destinations” at App Marketplace inside MoEngage dashboard to configure the destination platform.
  • Set up a segment sync – Once you choose your desired destination, you must set segment sync frequency. It can be a one-time or periodic transfer (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Use Cases

Let’s understand the application and benefits of Outbound Segment Sync when used with different types of platforms.

In-App Personalization Platforms

One effective way to engage with your customers and increase conversions is through in-app personalization. And what’s better than to leverage updated customer segments for hyper-personalization. Using Outbound Segment Sync, companies can automatically send the most updated customer segments to in-app personalization platforms periodically.

For example, an E-commerce store can sync price-sensitive customer segments (using RFM) monthly to in-app personalization platforms like Storyly to engage them with exclusive offer campaigns.

Experimentation Platforms

Segmentation data is critical to get the most out of the A/B tests performed using the Experimentation platforms. Using Outbound Segment Sync, companies can ensure that the most updated customer segment flows into their Experimentation platforms.

For example, an airline company can sync customer segments with specific behavior and preferences to experimentation platforms like VWO to run A/B/n tests on the website and maximize conversions.

Loyalty Platforms

Loyal customers not only drive revenue growth but also helps attract new customers through brand advocacy. And this makes retaining them supercritical.

Here’s how you can leverage Outbound Segment Sync to retain customers. For example, a personal care and beauty products brand can sync its segment of champion customers (RFM) monthly to its loyalty program platform to provide exclusive rewards and retain loyal customers.


Outbound Segment Sync enables brands to streamline marketing operations and improve data accuracy by automating customer segment sync with other platforms. And by analyzing segments, they can unlock valuable insights, which they can use to make more data-driven decisions.

Want to try Outbound Segment Sync? If you are an existing MoEngage customer, please contact your Account Manager, or connect with an expert to learn more here.