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Bella Vita Organic Uplifts Retention Rates by 57% Using MoEngage’s RFM Segmentation

Discover how Bella Vita Organic used RFM Segmentation by MoEngage to uplift its retention rates by 57%!

About Bella Vita Organic

Founded in 2012, Bella Vita Organic, or ‘The Good Life,’ is a natural beauty and skincare brand committed to building handcrafted, natural solutions invigorated by the natural elements of the earth and ancient skin and hair care practices.

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The ease of use that comes with MoEngage as an engagement platform is truly commendable. From onboarding to integration and then finally implementation, it has been the smoothest ride any marketer could ask for. Using MoEngage, we have been able to conduct a multitude of experiments, explore various channels, and been able to cater to our customers with tailored and personalized experiences.

Vineet Khare
Senior Manager–CRM, Bella Vita Organic
Uplift in Retention Rates
Increase in Dormant Users Conversion
Business Challenge

With their previous engagement partner, Bella Vita Organic faced significant challenges when it came to the onboarding, integration, and implementation phases. The E-commerce brand was looking for a platform with zero dependencies on its internal tech teams and something that marketers with no coding experience could use seamlessly. The goal was to use the platform to boost customer engagement and revive dormant users as well. MoEngage bridged that gap and countered those challenges with ease!

MoEngage Solution

With the assistance of MoEngage’s platform, Bella Vita Organic started re-engaging its dormant users by disseminating nudges through the WhatsApp channel. This initiative led to a 12X jump in Domant Users Conversion! Additionally, a comprehensive customer segmentation strategy was put in place using RFM by MoEngage to boost customer loyalty and retention. Lo and behold, consequently, Bella Vita Organic clocked a 57% uplift in the retention rates!

The Result

Using MoEngage, Bella Vita Organic was able to:

  • Clock an uplift of 57% Uplift in Retention Rates
  • Observe a 12X increase in Dormant Users Conversion 
  • Uplift Revenue by 94% using Diwali pre-buzz campaigns

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