Explore New Engagement Avenues With Latest Additions to MoEngage’s Push Notification Template Library

Explore new templates added to MoEngage's Push Notification Template Library, opening up a world of new use-cases to explore – all without code!

  • UPDATED: 21 July 2023
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Latest Update: We’ve added the following new templates to our Push Notification Template Library –

  • Timer/Progress Bar to create push notifications with a timer and a message
  • Image Banner with Text Overlay to make push notifications with a large banner image covering the entire notification area and overlay text on top of the image

Data from the recent Customer Engagement Benchmarks Report has shown that engagement for push notifications is on a steady rise. Moreover, push-enabled customers continue to engage and retain better when compared with push-disabled customers. This goes on to show that push notifications will continue to remain a mainstay in every mobile marketer’s arsenal.

But with more marketers jumping on the push notification bandwagon, the competition for a spot on the customer’s device is heating up. To give you some perspective, the average customer receives over 65 notifications in a day – which translates to roughly about one notification every 15 minutes during the customer’s waking hours!

This led us to believe that if marketers wish to win the battle of notifications, they need to find a way to make their notifications stand out and grab attention.

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What’s New With MoEngage Push Templates: Zero Code; WYSIWG Editor?

Push templates enable you to craft beautiful notifications within minutes without any coding. Deliver an optimal push experience with rich and personalized notifications that are more expressive, exciting, and engaging, so that your notifications stand out in the overcrowded notification tray. Using push templates, marketers can give their push notifications the creative edge to stand out and engage more customers.

Send rich notifications that grab attention and drive action

No more ‘getting lost’ in the notification tray. Stand out with personalized and rich push notifications that are hard to miss.

Rich notifications that grab attention and drive action - push templates

Create a sense of urgency and the ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO)

Create push notifications with a timer and a message. Such notifications can be used to display the countdown for flash sales or sales/offers that are time bound.

Ensure brand consistency across all push notifications

Active, adorable, adventurous, whatever your brand style, extend it to your notifications. Craft rich-looking notifications using colors and rich text that instantly ‘connect’ with customers.

Make notifications your own - push templates

Build rich, interactive experiences

Up your image notifications game to turn them into rich, interactive experiences. Add carousels to your notifications to make them more interactive and exciting. Add automatic or manual carousel functions to give your notifications the right feel.

Rich interactive experiences - push templates

No code, no complexity

Be effortlessly stylish. Do it all from a single-window, marketer-friendly dashboard. No coding or programming knowledge is required.

No code, no complexity - push templates

Simply put, push templates can be highly engaging, easy to create, and by far, the most exciting feature we have built at MoEngage so far. With push templates, we believe marketers can deliver notifications that are not just differentiated but are also easy to create and deploy.

Show progress bars to drive interactions


How Can You Use Push Notification Templates to Engage Customers?

1. Flash sales that are about to start or end


2. Thematic content like climate change, health awareness, or special occasions

Use colors to show you care - push templates

3. Web check-in completion reminders and alerts

3. Travel destination showcase via rich media carousels

Breathe life into your notifications - push templates

4. Game tournaments or player progression seasons with enhanced rewards


5. Instant feedback on your product or service

push templates

6. Breaking news and alerts with text overlays

push templates

7. Sales and discounts on educational courses


8. Time-sensitive holiday packages

Success Story: How Airtel Used Stylized Push Templates to Improve Click-through Rates

Airtel uses stylized push templates to uplift CTR

  1. Stylized Push Templates: Airtel observed a 20% uplift in the overall CTR after using MoEngage’s Stylized Push Templates! After an Airtel customer successfully recharged their plan through the mobile app, stylized image-only push notifications were sent to educate customers about the extra benefits and to drive the adoption of Airtel XStream.
  2. Carousel Push Notifications: Airtel used MoEngage’s Carousel Push Notifications prompt customers to sign up for Airtel Cloud Storage, recharge plans, drive Airtel UPI adoption, and access offers post-registration– all using one push notification only. With carousel notifications, the brand witnessed an uplift of over 42% in the CTR!

You can read more about their success here.


Above are just a few examples of the many creative ways for marketers to engage customers using push templates. The possibilities are endless, and we are excited to see what marketers do with push notification templates.

We have been testing Push Templates with a closed group of customers and here is what Gurupad Badithe, the Head of Growth at Kutuki had to say:

Push templates give us a way to stand out in the clutter of the notification tray. The ability to add color and carousel images to push notifications is exciting for us and helps us create a unique brand identity at every touch point. The fact that all of this can be done within a few clicks on the MoEngage dashboard is a boon for our marketing team.

Would you like to try push notification templates for your app? Drop us a line.

If you’re an existing MoEngage customer and would like to try Push Templates, get in touch with our team.

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