Introducing Real-time Triggers and Exit Intent Notifications

By Nalin Goel 20 December 2019

Priscilla, while shopping, starts adding items to the shopping cart only to be distracted by a kitten playing next to her. She promptly forgets about whatever it is she was thinking of buying, plays with the kitten for a while, then exits the app.

Like Priscilla, nearly 77% of your users exit the app without completing a purchase. However, it is the onus of marketers to identify users like Priscilla and engage with them in these mobile-moments to bring them back and complete the transaction.


However, engaging users in REAL-TIME during their micro-moments is hard. Limitations in technology and connectivity issues typically crutch marketers’ efforts to reach users in time, affecting engagement.

These are some of the concerns marketers share with us in our conversations. At MoEngage, we make these concerns our own.

In our quest to help marketers better their chances at converting mobile app users, we have created Real-time Triggers.

Introducing Real-time Device Triggers

Leveraging the power of the MoEngage SDK and app’s native capabilities, Real-time Triggers allow consumer brands to deliver Instant push messages to the users, at the right mobile moment (pre-configured behavioral event), even when the consumer is not connected to the internet (offline).

Real-time Trigger campaigns come with the complete support of our industry-best capabilities like Segmentation, Personalization with Behavioral data and Product Affinity, Localization based on language/location, Dynamic A/B testing with auto-optimization towards higher conversions and Conversion Tracking showcasing revenue impact.

Using Real-time Triggers, marketers can:

  • Deliver instant messages at the right mobile moments.
  • Reach customers even when they are offline.
  • Reach customers ONLY on the device where the trigger ‘event’ occurs.
  • Improve the deliverability of Smart Trigger push notifications.

Understanding Real-time Triggers with Few Examples

Exit Intent Notifications

As seen above, Tim user adds an item to the cart but ‘exits’ the app without completing a purchase. Upon detection of the ‘exit’ event, a push notification is triggered within seconds, prompting the user to come back and complete the purchase. This is the power of real-time engagement.

Offline Trigger Notifications

In this example, we wish to demonstrate the offline capabilities of the Real-time Triggers. As seen, the user device is not connected to a network but is still able to showcase notifications upon completion of a trigger event.

How Marketers Benefit with Real-time Device Triggers

Using Real-time Triggers, marketers can address a range of use-cases that were not possible earlier. Here are a bunch of ways apps can make use of Real-time Trigger offline and real-time abilities:

Shopping apps: Drive additional purchases with every checkout. Serve product recommendations that are relevant to what users purchased, soon after they check out.

real time push notifications

Fitness apps: Notify users when they reach critical milestones such as ‘steps completed’ or ‘fitness goals.’ A great way to reach users who frequent areas that have poor connectivity.

Security apps: A nifty feature for apps that are committed to user safety online. Apps can warn users from connecting to potentially harmful networks. A key use case again for offline, where the notification is being delivered even before the device is connected to a network.

real time push notifications

Gaming apps: A great way to reward gamers and keep them hooked to your games. A key use case where the user needs to be brought back into the game/ app in an instant upon exiting the game.

The possibilities and use-cases for a compelling feature as Real-time Trigger are plenty! We look forward to seeing some exciting ways in which our customers deliver real-time engagement to their users.


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Nalin Goel is the VP of Product of MoEngage Inc. He is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore. He has over 6 years of experience in leading product development and strategy for global companies.

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