[Product Updates] All the Latest Feature Announcements and Updates From March 2022

  • UPDATED: 17 July 2023
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“In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is the knowledge and engagement with customers” – Forrester.

True indeed! Staying abreast with your customers’ preferences, behavior, and expectations to deliver seamless customer experiences is pivotal for modern-day businesses. Keeping that in mind, we spent the month of March innovating new features to help you gather more insights into your customers and take your engagement strategies a notch higher.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Introducing Special Date Filters
  • Additional Push Templates introduced
  • Connector Campaigns get an upgrade
  • Adding new integrations

Introducing Special Date Filters

Brands run numerous personalized campaigns to audiences segmented based on date and time attributes. These could be Birthday Campaigns wishing customers and providing special offers, Bill Reminders nudging customers to make payments periodically, or other similar communications.

Depending on the use case, the periodicity of these campaigns varies. Hence, companies need access to varied frequency options such as “daily at a certain hour”, “weekly on a certain day”, “yearly in a certain month”, “yearly on a certain date”, etc to schedule them effectively.

MoEngage has launched Special Date filters to cater to these requirements. It now enables customers with a wide array of frequency options to configure the date attributes while targeting the audience for the campaigns.

date filters
Special date filters dropdown in MoEngage

With this new feature, customers get to filter the date attributes based on the following frequency options:

  • Date: To filter stored dates
  • Daily where the hour: To filter dates based on specific hours of the day
  • Weekly where the day: To filter dates based on specific weekdays
  • Monthly where the day: To filter dates based on a specific day of the month
  • Yearly where the month: To filter dates based on a specific month of the year
  • Yearly where the date: To filter dates based on specific date month combination

Read more about it here.

Additional Push Templates introduced

To help you craft beautiful push notifications which are even more expressive and truly aligned to your company style and branding, we have introduced additional design styles for push templates. With this, on top of the simple basic notification you used already, now you get:

  • Stylized basic template – Configure background color for notification with advanced text formatting options
  • Carousel template – Showcase your catalog with up to five images in the notification with auto or manual scroll
  • Image banner template (android only) – Take advantage of a larger image area (supported only via KV Pair using the basic template)
  • Image banner overlay template (android only) – Customize text options on top of images (supported only via KV Pair using the basic template)
push notification templates
Push notification templates in MoEngage

With these stylish new template styles, you can deliver an optimal push experience with rich & personalized notifications and engage your users like never before.

Learn more about Push Templates.

Connector Campaigns get an upgrade

Connector campaigns are special campaign types powered by MoEngage, that enable customers to extend their reach and include external social channels, ad-retargeting, and WhatsApp in their omnichannel engagement. To make Connectors even more relevant for the customers, we have introduced key changes.

  • Connectors will now support all the campaign types – One time, Periodic & Event-triggered- just like the SMS channel.
  • Connector campaigns can now be created with the “Create new” button on the dashboard.
connector campaigns
Connector campaigns in MoEngage

These revisions will help customers get a more consistent and seamless experience while using the platform.

Know more about Connectors.

New Partnership launches to look out for

Partnerships with external entities are a sure-shot way to ensure seamless integrations, comfort, and getting more for their buck, for our clients. We are working on onboarding essential partners to achieve the same. Let’s have a look at our hero partners for the month.

This month, we have multiple key partnerships that have gone live!

MoEngage partner announcements
MoEngage partner announcements

Learn more about our Partners.

If you’d like to know more about these features or want to get started using them, drop us a note at [email protected]. And if you’re new to MoEngage, schedule a personalized walkthrough of our platform.