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[Product Updates] All the latest feature announcements and updates from November and December 2021

  • Updated: 15 June 2022
  • 4 min read

2021 was our best year ever! Take a look at our record-breaking numbers in this article. We dedicated the last two months of 2021, November and December, adding product updates focussed on helping you gather more insights – about your customers, their journeys, and your customer engagement campaigns.

Here's what's new:

  • Introducing Consolidated Campaign Stats
  • A brand new Data Management feature
  • Adding a new SMS service provider – ICS Mobile
  • Powering up Emails with Sherpa
  • AI-Powered Multivariate Testing and Control Groups

Introducing Consolidated Campaign Stats

Measuring your customer engagement efforts is pivotal for optimizing campaigns and increasing the overall impact on your North Star metrics. We noticed that teams in charge of customer engagement spend an incredible amount of time and effort in gathering these performance insights. Not any more! With MoEngage's Consolidated Campaign Stats, you can now access all of these under a unified, easy to access, dashboard view.

Dashboard to view Overall Performance

Dashboard to view Overall Performance

With this newly added feature, you can use the MoEngage dashboard to:

  • Measure the overall performance of your Customer Engagement efforts
  • Analyze the performance of individual communication channels at different time periods
  • Compare the effectiveness of different communication channels against varied metrics
  • Identify your best and least-performing campaigns for select communication channels, and much more

You can read more about Consolidated Campaign Stats here.

A brand new Data Management feature

With data management on MoEngage, you now have a central location to manage all your data, i.e., events, event properties, and customer properties, through an easy-to-use user interface.

All new Data Management on MoEngage

All new Data Management on MoEngage

With Data Management, you can:

  • View all events, event attributes, and customer attributes in one central view.
  • Add or edit display names for events and customer attributes, so you can understand your events and attributes better while creating campaigns.
  • Block unnecessary events, event attributes, and customer attributes so that MoEngage no longer processes them.
  • Hide unnecessary data from drop-downs to avoid creating segments/campaigns with incorrect data.
  • Mark the allowed data types of your event and customer attributes to make the appropriate operators available during segmentation and analytics. Once you have defined the allowed data type of your attributes, MoEngage will automatically typecast the incoming data to the set data type.

You can check out our documentation on Data Management here.

Adding a new SMS service provider – ICS Mobile

We’ve now added another SMS service provider to our ecosystem - ICS Mobile. You can configure ICS and start sending SMS through this service provider. Additionally, you can leverage the Click Tracking feature provided by ICS as well.

ICS Mobile as a new service provider

ICS Mobile as a new service provider

Learn how to configure this new SMS provider here.

Powering up emails with Sherpa

We have consistently focused on building solutions that can automate and bring data-backed optimization to campaign delivery. To maximize conversions from emails, we have added our proprietary, AI-powered Content Optimization algorithm, Sherpa, to email campaigns.

Adding intelligence to Emails

Adding intelligence to Emails

When you run A/B tests on email campaigns using MoEngage, you can choose to set the distribution manually or let Sherpa do it for you. Sherpa will dynamically split customers among multiple variations to maximize CTRs (click-through rates) and conversions of your email campaigns.

You can read more about Sherpa here.

AI-Powered Multivariate Testing and Control Groups

With newly added Control Groups you can effectively measure the efficiency of your inbound campaigns with just a toggle! You can check whether specific campaigns are driving customers further down the conversion funnel or not—and if they do, which campaigns are more effective than the others.

AI-Powered Multivariate Testing and Control Groups in Inbound Campaigns

AI-Powered Multivariate Testing and Control Groups in Inbound Campaigns

You can read about the importance of Multivariate testing here.

If you’d like to know more about these features or want to get started using them, drop us a note at [email protected]. And if you’re new to MoEngage, schedule a personalized walkthrough of our platform.

About The Author
Prateek is the Product Marketing Manager for the Analytics, Segmentation, and Data Sciences capabilities at MoEngage. Passionate about launching meaningful products, he truly believes that "One good product can change the world." He's an MBA from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.
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