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Powerful machine learning engine which automatically maximizes campaign engagement by predicting and sending the right message at the right time

How it works? Hint: It's magic!

Introducing Content Optimization

In a Multivariate campaign, Sherpa learns the performance of each variant on the fly by registering user interactions, then automatically drives traffic towards top-performing content. Sherpa completely eliminates the need for the marketing team to analyze and choose manually.

" By automatically identifying optimum delivery times for our messaging on a per-user basis, Sherpa has empowered our small team to drive consumers from the web into local stores in their communities. This type of targeting is definitely effective — since implementing MoEngage, we’ve seen a 7% increase in engagement within targeted segments"

- Andrea Barsk, Director of Marketing, PetFlow

Time Optimization

Messages are automatically sent to individuals at the time, they’re most likely to view, engage and convert with your message.

Benefits of Sherpa

No Guesswork

Marketers don’t need to guess what time to send the message for highest reponse or what content will deliver the highest engagement. Sherpa makes the decisions

Time Saving

Marketers don’ t need to actively manage the tests on variations or experiment with different time windows of sending messages

No Missed Opportunity

All content variations and send times are tested and adjusted automatically in real time so there are no missed opportunities to engage an individual

Higher ROI

The right message to the right person at the right time maximizes the performance rate of your campaigns, driving more action from end users and higher ROI