Shivani Naveen: A Shining Star on the HERoes Role Model Roster!

We're thrilled to share the exciting news that Shivani Naveen, the Associate Director of Professional Services at MoEngage, has proudly secured a spot on this year's HERoes Role Model Lists!

  • UPDATED: 16 October 2023
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Shivani led the WeForShe initiative, which focuses on women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) at MoEngage. She has played a crucial role in implementing several impactful initiatives within our organization. She has worked closely with the HR function to launch the Menstrual Leave Policy to support women employees. Shivani advocated for installing sanitary napkin dispensers, creating a more inclusive work environment for women, and strategically promoting gender balance through women-focused hiring initiatives.

Shivani’s commitment to elevating women’s voices is showcased in her high-profile speaking engagements.

She organized a session featuring Dr. Kiran Bedi (24th Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, the first Indian woman to be appointed as the head of the United Nations Police), where she discussed women’s empowerment and self-care.

Shivani has been a critical leader in the WeForShe initiative, working to enhance the experiences of women employees and promote gender balance across the organization. She has leveraged inclusion, equity, and diversity to drive these efforts forward, significantly fostering a more inclusive workplace.

Additionally, she curated a panel discussion featuring accomplished women leaders, delving into career development and leadership.

Her dedication to social responsibility shines through her efforts in conducting donation drives for various essential items, benefitting NGOs like Mahila Daskhata Samiti, Bangalore, India.

Veena Satish, Vice President – People & Culture, MoEngage Inc mentioned, “The impactful and positive contributions that Shivani has made to promote inclusion in various businesses and communities are truly inspiring. Seeing her being recognized as the HERoes Future Leader fills me with immense pride, and I feel privileged to stand together with her and other exceptional advocates and women.”

HERoes Women Role Model Lists

In today’s world, the HERoes Women Role Model Lists are a symbol of inspiration, recognizing accomplished women and those actively driving gender diversity.

They showcase how these role models are breaking barriers, reshaping industries, and leading the way towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

Their stories remind us that talent, determination, and opportunity can bring about meaningful change, inspiring us all to aim higher in our careers and contribute to the pursuit of workplace equality.