Recommend Products Your Customers Will Love With MoEngage Smart Recommendations

MoEngage launches Smart Recommendations to help consumer brands build personalized and memorable experiences for their customers.

  • UPDATED: 12 January 2023
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The modern consumer wants more personalized and contextually relevant communication. 27% of consumers find irrelevant content and product recommendations to be their most frustrating experience with brands, while 26% of consumers want brands to personalize experiences based on previous shopping history.

Customers no longer question the need to collect data because they expect you to use it to create delightful experiences for them. This includes delivering personalized recommendations to them. Although consumer brands know the need for personalized recommendations, most brands are not well-equipped to create memorable customer experiences.

We’ve built Smart Recommendations to help you build personalized micro-moments for your customers. In real-time, you can send suitable recommendations to each customer based on their preferences, behavior, and changing patterns, easing product discovery and increasing conversion.

The all-new MoEngage Smart Recommendations are powered by AI and enable you to send real-time recommendations across any channel without any technical expertise required.

This helps you promote product discovery by putting relevant products in front of interested customers. You can create a seamless buying journey personalized to each individual’s unique needs by recommending the right products and items.

With the all-new MoEngage Smart Recommendations, you can send three different types of messaging with the click of a button:

  1. Item attribute-based recommendations: Recommend products based on selected attributes
    1. Recommend skirts “blue” in color and “large” in size
    2. Recommend laptops “grey” in color with “Windows” OS and “16 GB” of RAM
  2. Customer action-based recommendations: Recommend products based on customer interactions (i.e., their past actions)
    1. Recommend products added to the cart but not purchased
    2. Recommend products customers viewed or searched for
  3. AI-powered recommendations: These recommendations are powered by MoEngage’s proprietary AI Engine, Sherpa, which leverages ML algorithms to analyze customer behavior and affinities and anticipate their purchase intent. This helps you recommend the best products for a customer based on their preferences, what they’re looking for, or what they might be interested in.

 Why Did We Build Smart Recommendations?

Personalized recommendations have become necessary for brands to engage with customers, boost sales, and deepen engagement. 49% of customers had purchased a product because of a personalized recommendation they received from the brand.

We built Smart Recommendations to help brands send personalized, contextually relevant recommendations to customers.

This is an image of smart recommendations for Ecommerce
Recommend relevant products to customers

This new feature enables you to send real-time, contextually relevant suggestions from millions of catalog products to each customer. The new Smart Recommendations will help you:

  1. Ease product discovery
    MoEngage Smart Recommendations empowers brands to cut through the clutter and deliver the right products to customers when they’re looking for them.
  2. Prevent customer dissatisfaction
    It can be a little annoying when customers search for products but cannot find them. When this happens regularly, it creates unhappy customers, possibly a bad reputation for the brand, and might lead to churn. Use Smart Recommendations to ensure that customers don’t have unhappy product search experiences.
  3. Create the perfect purchase journey
    Each customer follows a different path to the purchase. Leverage Smart Recommendations to personalize the journey for each customer across multiple channels.
  4. Deliver better shopping experiences
    49% of customers say they purchased a product they didn’t initially intend to buy after receiving a personalized recommendation. Create tailored experiences for your customers using Smart Recommendations and increase trust in your brand.

What’s Great About the New Smart Recommendations

The new MoEngage Smart Recommendations is:

Powered by our proprietary AI Engine, Sherpa: The Recommendations engine leverages sophisticated ML algorithms to analyze all customer interactions, behavior, and preferences and anticipate their purchase intent. The engine recommends products customers are most likely to purchase using these insights.

Real-time and Relevant: All Smart Recommendations are served in real-time, enabling you to stay close to the customer at every moment. The recommendations engine adapts to real-time customer activities and constantly refreshes data to provide accurate and relevant insights.

Suitable for All Channels: MoEngage Smart Recommendations enables brands to send real-time product recommendations across channels customers prefer, such as email, push notifications, in-app or onsite messaging, and more.

Independent of Technical Expertise: Marketers can leverage the new Smart Recommendations without requiring technical expertise in coding or data science. This also eliminates any dependencies on data or engineering teams.

How Smart Recommendations Benefit Your Brand

This is an image of smart recommendations for Media
Recommend artists your customers might like

MoEngage Smart Recommendations enables you to send personalized recommendations to your customers across different touchpoints in your customer’s omnichannel journey, such as Push Notifications, Emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Mobile In-app Messages, and Website Banners. You can personalize the recommendations for each customer journey stage and enable your customers to find what they want quickly. Your customers no longer need to click or search multiple times to find their favorite product on your website. This will help you:

Boost Revenue

Suggest the most relevant recommendations to each customer based on their preferences, helping them discover products and services faster. By helping your customers fulfill their needs more quickly, you can improve the overall experience and increase revenue.

Increase Average Order Value and LTV

Recommend popular, relevant, and trending products to your customers when they’re about to complete a purchase and encourage them to increase their order value. Over time, this also helps you improve customer LTV.

Improve Conversion Rates

Customers are more likely to purchase products they resonate with. So if your campaigns recommend products aligned with their preferences, they are more likely to convert and give you better conversion rates overall.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Suppose your customers are hovering around the exit button or performing other actions that indicate they’re uninterested in completing a purchase. In that case, you can slip in a relevant recommendation to pique their interest. This helps reduce cart abandonment and improve conversions.

Create Better Experiences

With MoEngage Smart Recommendations, you can show your customers exactly what they’re looking for before they even start searching. Surprise your customers at every step with a relevant, personalized recommendation and create better experiences for every customer.

Influence Usage and Drive Retention

Recommend the newest shows or songs from a customer’s favorite artist. Recommend precisely what customers want before they search for it and improve their trust in your brand. These recommendations will also help you create happy customer experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Everyday Use Cases for Smart Recommendations

Retail and E-commerce

This is an image of smart recommendations for retail
Recommend the right products to every customer
  • Brands can leverage the AI recommendation model to suggest clothing items best suited to customers based on their preferences and past interactions.
  • Brands can also remind customers to complete the purchase of products they’ve abandoned in their carts.
  • Brands can recommend specific products to customers during special occasions, such as “red” colored “hats” with “cotton” fabric during Christmas.

Banking and Financial Institutions

This is an image of smart recommendations for banking
Recommend a suitable credit card to your customers
  • Brands can leverage AI to recommend credit card point redemption offers best suited to customers based on their preferences and past actions.
  • Banks can recommend mutual funds with features specifically relevant to students, such as “low SIP installments,” “high-interest rates,” and “small maturity period.”

Music and OTT Platforms

This is an image of smart recommendations for entertainment
Recommend relevant content suggestions
  • Brands can leverage the AI recommendation model to suggest TV shows customers would be most interested in watching based on their preferences and past interactions.
  • Brands can recommend “newly arrived” TV series or music albums of a specific genre.
  • Brands can suggest “movies” from the “RomCom” genre with a specific actor, such as “Julia Roberts,” during Valentine’s week.
  • Brands can also suggest TV shows customers have added to their ‘watchlist.’

How Can You Get Started?

If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your favorite MoEngage Customer Success team member. If you’re new to MoEngage and want to get started with Smart Recommendations, you can request a demo here.