Who is MoE, the growth bot?

By Aditya
  • UPDATED: 02 July 2023
  • 3 min read

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At MoEngage, we’ve enabled startups and enterprises to experience hyper growth. Along the way, we picked our own lessons and grew team strength by 3x and revenue by 2x.

In our rigorous experience of the last 6 years lies the inception of MoE, the growth bot. As our mascot for the Growth Strategy Handbook, she will be walking you through a growth framework which can help enterprises and startups alike to build and scale a growth strategy.

In the process, MoE will debunk myths around growth strategies by helping you build growth teams, choose the right technology stack, and set up the right growth processes.

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Here are the five main characteristics of MoE that make her the undoubted mascot for our growth program framework.



She is data-oriented.

MoE believes in tracking and analyzing key metrics in response to a growth team’s experiments. Furthermore, she not only reports changes in numbers, but also provides logical explanations and qualitative insights which qualify the quantitative shifts seen. Hence, she helps teams understand exactly how their experiments are creating growth for the business.




She believes in breaking silos and working in teams

MoE is versatile, with knowledge and skills that span various organizational roles. She measures opportunities for the business across the funnel and makes key decisions about prioritization of experiments in the business. Leading by example, she encourages a sense of innovation and creativity in the growth teams.



She has an eye for design and detail

MoE believes that good customer experience starts with good design and attention to detail. A good design responds to the voice of the user to find ways to make interactions and transactions seamless, using principles of consumer psychology and behavioral triggers. A bad user experience can signal the demise of any product. MoE believes that good design understands human intuition and habits.



She likes to experiment fast and fail faster

MoE is focused on building products quickly, and incrementally improving them later. This requires the ability to analyze data and use it to make modifications that realize growth potential. As a growth evangelist, MoE believes in the building and creation of multiple assets on a regular basis, which can then be deployed and assessed for performance.



She sets up processes which can be scaled

It is integral for the sustainable functioning of a growth team to set up processes that can be scaled with the growth of the organization. Setting processes includes establishing goals for the team, measuring performance on a regular basis using key metrics, and identifying channels for growth.

And that’s what makes our MoE, the perfect growth bot.

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