MoEngage in 2019 — A Recap of The Best Year Ever

  • UPDATED: 10 July 2023
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2019 has come to an end and a new decade has begun. Before we get swept away with the mad rush of time, I thought of sharing my thoughts with you.

2019 was phenomenal for many reasons. When I reflect back, few milestones stand out from everything else.

Our team strength grew by 3x

Year In Review


Five years ago, in 2014, when we bootstrapped MoEngage, we had one dream — to build the world’s most trusted customer engagement platform.

Right from day one, we knew that this dream was not achievable if we did not have the best people to work with us. That’s why one of our guiding principles was to invest in the right set of people. In 2019, our team grew in size unlike any other year since inception. During 2019, we tripled our team strength from 80 to 240+. Now taking care of such a large number of people is no mean task. We have always aspired to be an employee-centric company and have always benchmarked ourselves against the best in the business.

The Great Place to Work Institute also recognized our efforts as an employee-centric company. In the coming days of 2020, we will continue to add more strength to the MoEngage team on a global level.

We have 9 offices around the world

Year In Review


Our revenue comes from a globally distributed client base. We can delight and sustain these clients only if our presence is ramped up globally. With this motive, during 2019, we opened more offices and are now present in Berlin, London, Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Bengaluru, and San Francisco. 

We increased revenue by over 2x, in a very capital-efficient manner

What is merrier is that during 2019, our revenues grew over 2x and that too in a capital-efficient manner ensuring sustainable growth.

Brands used our platform to reach close to 400 Million Monthly Active Users sending over 33 Billion messages every month. In 2020, we aim to add more power to our platform through products and updates that are going to be industry-first.

And we helped build some amazing success stories for our customers.

Year In Review


Click here for more customer stories.

Our platform is enterprise-ready

For the past two years, we had spent a significant amount of resources in refining our products to be enterprise-ready. As a result, we have enterprise customers from banking, telco, retail, and several other industries. In fact, right now, our enterprise clients contribute to almost 50% of our overall revenue. Our enterprise-readiness was recognized by large brands who chose us over the likes of Salesforce.

We won global recognition

2019 was a year during which four great global recognitions came our way.

Year In Review


These recognitions are special in two ways.

  1. They came from Gartner and AWS — two names whose recognition represents the highest benchmark any business can achieve.
  2. Our customers let the world know how much they love our products and support.

And to the MoEngage team who ran that extra mile to put a smile on our customers’ faces – these recognitions belong to each and every one of you. We now have the world’s attention. 2020, we’ll raise the benchmark we have created.

Several world-class products were launched

In 2019, our product team went full throttle to turn vague ideas into solid products that not only have huge market potential but also solve real-world problems for today’s marketing teams. Our customers can now analyze user behavior, identify specific user segments and their drop-off points, and directly create a cross-channel engagement journey for that segment, without having to leave their dashboards.

Products we launched with love

We launched #GROWTH to build a community

Year End Review


2019 was the year during which we launched #GROWTH — an exclusive platform for entrepreneurs, product owners, and growth marketers. As audiences world-over leap towards higher digital consumption, we wanted to build an exclusive platform for digital growth marketers and product owners. In that context, we launched #GROWTH, our first step towards building an exclusive digital growth community

Year End Review


Despite being the year of launch, we were able to garner great traction through #GROWTH events. From San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City, we conducted 20+ invite-only events across 12+ cities. 50+ speakers took the stage while more than 3000+ people tuned into the knowledge that they shared.

2020, let’s live the dream…

In 2019, we built a lot of momentum and in 2020, we’ll cruise forward with greater speed. We will continue to be a customer-first company at heart, keeping their needs and expectations as the top priority. We will also double down on building our team and their skillsets. We’ll land and expand in new markets and new geographies. 2020, we hope to get closer to the dream for which MoEngage was built.

Together, let’s build a world-class company that creates the world’s best customer engagement platform.

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous 2020!